Is it possible to add "states for attribute" entries?

Pretty much what the title says.

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Not that I have seen myself, but I have seen others manually update either the Layout JSON text and/or the Custom CSS to achieve a similar outcome. I can try any track it down if you want.

Thank you.

I'll look through the forum for modification info. I've looked at the JSON but it seems to only address one condition (aka state).

This is the kind of thing I had in mind. I remembered the conversations around changing colour based on temperature or humidity, but this shows a more concise example. I believe details like this will need to be placed in the templates section of the dashboard, i.e. manually editing the layout JSON. I haven't tested this myself.

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The Problem with this is it only works for whole number values

Yeah I should have mentioned it works best where you have a set of known values you can configure. Number ranges cannot be configured and attributes that are open to uncontrolled values will not work with this setup.

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