Is hubitat server down for remote access

I cannot access hubitat from my phone...I know the server is up as I can connect via my home network
Is something broke ?



Your subscription appears to have expired ( if it was active you would see "Go to Remote Admin" instead of "Add Remote Admin").

Go to main page on, then select Subscriptions" card. If the status is " on hold" please update the payment method then allow 24-48 hours for the service to resume. If the status is active, then send me a private message with your hub id and will further investigate.

3 Likes works great while in my home...somehow I was thinking it would work outside my home without a subscription.
So essentially the dashboard will work from everywhere....however seeing individual devices is not possible without a subscription, right ?

Could use a VPN.

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You can add as many devices to a dashboard and access them remotely. However, to access the administrative interface of the hub remotely, we offer Remote Admin service. For more details on services we offer, and the benefits each provide, check out the following post:

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