Iris V3 keypad issues

On 2.07 update.

  1. Delayed entry and exit time change updates from HSM to keypad are 30 minutes if they go at all. Should they be entered in keypad device manager instead? If not, how do you refresh the keypad parameters?

  2. Keypad delay on arming works OK. You can also disarm during the countdown.

  3. Keypad gets crazy when trying to disarm during entry delay and then just goes dark. Intrusion alerts activate and then dashboard finally shows as disarmed.

  4. You can't tell if the buttons are being activated when unit is beeping. Can the button tones override the beeping to allow for some audible feedback?

  5. The tones and flashing lights seem completely random. I like the accelerated tones during countdown but a simple long tone when armed and 2 short ones when disarmed would be easier to recognize. The Iris logo turns all colors of the rainbow. I'm sure it means something.

Thanks to the staff for the new driver. Just a few bugs.....or an education for me if it's user error.

30 minutes?, I don't know how that's possible.

Not following this entirely, however unless there is motion on the keypad, the panel indicators do not illuminate.

Unfortunatly that's just not the way these work, there is no explicit independent control over the sound and armed indicators.

I'm not able to translate crazy, maybe a video, then I can tell you this is normal or not.

Sorry. It was late last night when I composed that post.

  1. When the entry/exit delays are changed in HSM, shouldn't they show up immediately when I look at the keypad parameters in the device list? That is not happening. Is HSM the correct place to enter the delay times, or should it be in the keypad device manager? I think I read somewhere that either would work and that the keypad and HSM would sync.

  2. When the unit is not beeping for entry/exit delay, there is an audible tone when a code is being entered, i.e., a tone for each button push. During entry/exit beeping, there is no audile tone for each button. When entering a code during entry/exit delay on the old V1 keypad, the beeping would stop during code entry and each button push had an audible tone.

  3. I'll work with it some more tonight and get more details on the crazy.

Would removing the keypad and reinstalling it be a good move?


Did you read the release notes and switch your keypad to the correct driver?, this is imperative for the Iris keypads...

After this is complete, let me know which specific case isn't working and what keypad you are using.

I manually changed to the new V3 driver.

I will document in more detail when I get home this evening, but the main things I noticed last night are:

  1. Arm on keypad works OK. Delays set in HSM don't update in keypad immediately.
  2. Disarm on keypad works OK as long as intrusion is not activated.
  3. If intrusion is activated and entry delay beeping starts, you cannot disarm with keypad.
    4, The keypad doesn't always exit delay beep when system is armed with fob.

Generally, there seems to be a spotty communication issue between HSM and the keypad. I know this isn't a lot of detail......I will try to provide more later.

Thanks for the quick responses. I know it's frustrating for you guys trying to troubleshoot via a message board.

After changing the delays, its probably best to hit done in HSM, then reopen it.
I thought we fixed this, but if the new delays aren't applied immediately, they aren't likely to be applied, as you've noticed.

are you using the HSM option "Use buttons pushed to arm/disarm" feature for this?


Latest update seems to have fixed most of the bugs. One issue to note for users of the Iris V3 keypad is that the motion sensor on the keypad will activate an intrusion alert if you choose the "all" option in the HSM contacts/sensors list.

Dashboard shows "Exit Now" during exit delay when armed with 4 button fob but not when armed at keypad.

When disarming system with keypad during entry delay, the "Off" light comes on the keypad and the melody chime sounds off. However, the dashboard does not show disarmed and the intrusion alerts activate about 30 seconds later and then deactivate after a few seconds. This only occurs with entry delay entered.

With zero entry and exit delays, everything works fine regardless of where system is armed or disarmed from. There seems to be an issue with entry and exit delays. I am entering these in HSM, and they update on the keypad device screen after the keypad is used one time.

Please see the latest hot fix release notes regarding arming delay options in HSM.

These devices were never specifically designed to provide motion capability, several of the messages generated by the device can at times be miss interrupted by the driver as a motion event. Some work was done on this in the last release, but not completly resolved.

It is not advised to use the keypads motion capability with HSM as an intrusion device.

Internal motion sensor not part of the active sensor list in HSM.

I read the notes and also noticed the suggestions in other threads to set all entry/exit delays the same. I tried that, but the issue persists. I'll try again tonight. If it's still acting funny, I'll wait on 2.08.

Another note......when arming with dashboard or fob, sometimes the keypad gives the melody chime and sometimes is gives 5 simple beeps. The system still arms.


I have kept the hub up to date and went through some Chromecast issues that I thought might solve the problem. System performance overall is better, but the keypad still goes bonkers after 3 weeks or so. It will either be delayed in arming/disarming the system or won't work at all. A reboot fixes it for another few weeks. Is anyone having consistent luck with the Iris V3 keypad?

Bad mesh?