Iris V3 arm/disarm

I bought an Iris V3 to use as a keypad for some projects, and am not a fan of the 43 second delay between arming/disarming.

Is there any way to lessen this time? Ideally I would like it to be instant.

I've set the "Arm Home Delay" "Arm Night Delay" "Entry Delay" and "Exit Delay" to 0, but it still takes a bit to do it's thing.

If you use Nyckelharpa app & centralitex driver for keypad, it's settable via the keypad driver.
search for the app in forum

here you go

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this is also in the default Iris V3 driver, but I'll give this a shot (gotta love package manager)

that did it. i did play with the driver last night but didn't use the app. in conjunction with the app, it works exactly how i want. thanks @Rxich

Awesome. I was never really happy with HSM, until Nyckelharpa. Now I love it and use it all the time.
Now once HE adjusts the zigbee stack, I'll have a near perfect system

This is also set if your integrate the keypad directly with HSM. It is set to your arming delay in HSM. That's the typical use for the keypad so that's why the functionality is there rather than in the built in driver. So, if you have more than one keypad, they all have the same delay because it is set by HSM.


great...and now it randomly lost connection to my hub during the day.

i really hope this keypad won't come back to bite me in the butt