Iris V2 Outlet 3210-L Outlet Zigbee Generic Zigbee Outlet

I have a separate power meter tile for this switch that will not display the wattage on my dashboard. In the devices tab I have enabled the automatic power reporting, and saved the preferences. When I return to the dashboard, and turn on the switch I still see no power.

Just to confirm, it does show the power draw from the device’s status page, right?

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If you use an attribute tile and select 'power', do you see anything? I was always under the impression 'Power Meter' was for things like solar systems or the utility company meters. I'm probably wrong.


Just tested and verified what @bjcowles said works.


Everything seems to be working correctly now. Thanks for the help!

Not seeing any power data. I've just moved over from that other hub and I have a bunch of these Iris V2 outlets, I can turn the outlet on/off but no power output. I'm using the Generic Zigbee outlet device handler. Anyone have a solution?


been working well for me

Life saver....... It works.

I was dreading on having to use Hub Connect to leave these devices on that other hub.

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