Iris v2 leak sensor not working

Hi, I have an iris v2 leak detector that paired with no problems but it doesn't seem to be working.

I have a rule set up to send a text if a leak is detected but when I simulate a leak by patching it on wet paper, it doesn't send a text and if I go into the device status it is still showing as dry.

The light on the sensor turns red so I know it is correctly detecting the leak but guitar is not showing it as wet.

Is it possible you either accidentally reset it or it "fell off" your Zigbee network for some reason? The only thing you can really try is pairing it again (being Zigbee, it should just reinitialize the existing device; no need to delete it in Hubitat), which I'd do in-place (i.e., where you plan to use it) to see if that helps, then keep an eye on it for a bit to see if it stays paired. You might also want to make sure the battery isn't running low.

How do I re-pair it without removing it from hubitat?

My 2nd leak sensor. This one accurately detecting a leak but no text.

Do the exact same thing you would do to pair it normally. Just don't remove it from Hubitat first. :slight_smile:

Definitely a problem with the automation (or rule?) then. Make sure your number is in the correct format, that you haven't exceeded the 10/day limit, and consider alternative options for notifications (Pushover, Pushbullet, SmartThings if you have an account, or hopefully soon the Hubitat mobile app).

So you're saying do a hard reset on the device so I can pair it again? I would have to do this in order to repair it. What is the benefit to doing it this way? Does it recognize the device id and re-add it back in to all the rules and such?

I haven't received any texts so I should be fine with the limit.

I have that same leak sensor. It works great. Never falls off the network. How far away is yours from the hub? What kind of obstructions are in the way (line of sight)? How many repeaters do you have? Are there any bulbs paired directly to the hub that could be repeating (and subsequently dropping) the signal? What driver are you using?

Probably 15-20 feet from the hub. Hub is in the basement on the ceiling, leak sensor is on the first floor.

I don't know how to check for repeaters but it is possible the bulbs are an issue. How do I see the path it is taking?

I'll have to check the driver when I get home but it is the default one when it detected. I didn't change it.

Ok, I still had the page up on my phone.

Generic zigbee moisture sensor

Ok, so should be Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor. You can’t see what the network map looks like without an Xbee. You can search for Xbee to find out everything you need to know about that.

What brand of bulbs are paired directly to the hub? That’s very likely your issue unless they’re Sengled only, which do not repeat signals and so cannot be the cause.

All of your guesses are 100% correct. You can certainly delete it if you want, but if you don't, it will keep it in all your automations, so you won't have to re-do them like you would if you excluded/reset and re-paired a Z-Wave device (Zigbee has a factory-set MAC that Hubitat will recognize when the device is re-paired, even though it's hub-assigned DNI will change). Doing it this way will save you that effort. :slight_smile:

Osram Sylvania iQBR30

Ok, thanks for that clarification. I had seen others recommend that method in other posts but wasn't sure of the reason way. Makes sense now.

Those may be the issue. They do cause problems. Unscrew them, and see if the issue goes away. If not, keep the Osram unscrewed and re-pair the leak sensor to see if the performance is then normal.

If it’s resolved. Add an outlet as a repeater. Remove and pair the leak sensor again, then give the Zigbee mesh time (like maybe 24 hours just to be sure) before trying to reintroduce the bulbs.

Well, my suspicion is the bulbs as I don't have my smart light switches fully in place so they keep getting shut off.

That's why I wanted to see the path the leak sensors were taking. If it's one of the ones getting shut off, makes total sense.

That’s definitely going to be an issue. If the leak sensor has routed through the outlet, and then power is cut to the outlet, the leak sensor will drop.

Everything I'm seeing regarding xbee is a module that you have to program. Is that what you mean?

Or is there something already built that would show me the zigbee network?

No that’s it. The “programming” part is trivial. There’s a lot of posts there that’s will tell you exactly what you need to order, and exactly what settings to put in for both the PC and Mac versions of the software.

Everyone is intimidated by it (I was too) and everyone (myself included) comments on how simple it was once they try it.

Oh, and an Xbee is one of the best repeaters available if you want to use it that way as well.

Posts on hubitat? I was referencing Google/Amazon searches. Is there a specific post that I should look at? Thanks for your help.