Iris V1 Keypad

Was wondering if there was still any hope for getting this Keypad to work with Hubitat. I know at one point it was being looked at, but I haven't really seen anything mentioned. To me it's just light years nicer than anything else I have.


Agree, the keypads were awesome. Also, the ability to have them chime when a door or window is open would be great. The V1 plugin zigbee repeaters worked good aswell.

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I have my v2 keypad setup to chime and that’s all I use it for.

From what I understand it also works with the HSM to arm and disarm. Is that correct?

Yes both v2 and v3 keypads are compatible devices

Could I ask how to get it to chime when I open my front door. I have the V2, working great with HSM. Front door has sensor also

In rule machine Set a trigger and the beep action is under sounds

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Well dang. Simple enough! Thanks!

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I bought the v2. Set it up got it mostly working. But got fed up with it about 1-2 weeks into using it. It just seems super buggy. I've had times it doesn't arm/disarm or beep consistently. It's just too unreliable. Not sure if there are newer drivers out there to make this work better but mine is just collecting dust now.

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