Iris Motion V2 Pairing Issue

Need some helps.

I have a whole bunch of these sensors and I am going through the process of re-pairing with new Hub. I believe the reset process is to remove the battery, reinsert while holding the the reset button. It flashed RED briefly and turn Blue/Green but wont pair. I tried again many times after but i wont going into reset mode (no red LED), only Blue/Green.

I hope someone has seen this symptom before and if so, please share some tips.


Just checking you are trying to pair those as a "zigbee device" and not an Iris V1 zigbee device, right?

Yes. I reset and re-paired a dozen of them yesterday. One thing I haven't done to reboot my hub or changing the zigbee channel.

I will try that when I get home later tonight.

I could be wrong, but once you remove the battery you need to "wait 10 seconds", then reinsert while holding the the reset button.

How many total Zigbee devices do you have, and how many are repeaters? More than 32 without repeaters would be a problem.

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I will preface this by saying it has been a over a year since I have had to pair one of these but I don’t think they should not be flashing blue green. When they are in pairing mode they should only blink blue. It almost sounds like they are in factory demo mode, which can happen when the button is held too long after inserting the battery.

You want keep the battery out for a solid 10 or more seconds to ensure that the device is completely discharged. The reinsert the battery while holding the button but release as soon as the LED comes on. Don’t hold it as that triggers the demo mode.


Move the magnet away from the sensor. Hold the reset button and insert the battery. You will see flashing blue. You have to move the magnet away from the sensor for pairing otherwise you will get the multi colors which indicate it's in demo mode.

Does the motion sensor have a magnet? Are you thinking of the contact sensor?

Ops my mistake. For motion. You need it in active mode. Tricky but remove and insert the battery a couple of times.

I did this recently.

Pull the battery, wait 10 seconds (at least), reinsert battery while holding button, red-green-ect lights flash, release button, put hub in pairing mode.

At this point they were already in pairing mode so I didn't have to press anything additional.

I believe the waiting 10 seconds was the key bit.

They will pair. Keep at it.

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Sorry for bumping this old thread, but felt like it was a reasonable place to ask.

I also bought a bag of v2 sensors off ebay. Most of them are pairing fine and functioning as expected. But one of them is flashing pink when - i think - it is detecting motion.

I cant find anything about the colors other than red, blue, and rainbow (demo mode).

I've only gotten it to successfully pair once (when it was flashing pink). The other 3 times that it has paired, it has not reported any states, temps or motion. When it did pair, it showed the battery at 100, and the temp at 77. But the other 3 sensors I have show the temp at 68.

I presume its just a bad sensor?

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