Iris Keypad v3


I just started the migration from Iris to Hubitat. Everything was going great until I got to the keypad. I read the thread and I’m more confused now than when I started reading. Is the Iris V3 (iMagic 1112-S) supported? It connected fine, but under device type it is not listed and I can’t figure out how to set the pin code to make it work. I really need a working keypad (for the wife) for HSM. Thanks in advance.


The device type will list Centralite Keypad. That the correct one. You can use the built-in app lock-code manager or set the pin via the edit device page.


Thanks! What does “code position” mean above the pin code?


The "slot" you want to assign the Pin to. A number, from 1 up to however many pins the keypad supports. I can't remember how many that is off the top of my head.


Under the device page it now shows the keypad arming with the on button and disarming with the PIN number as it should, but nothing happens in the HSM App. I have it set to use keypad pad for arm/disarm. I must be missing something....


Did you add the keypad to HSM? Look under "Configure Arming/Disarming/Cancel Options". You'll see where you have to select your keypad there.


I think I have it working now. I uninstalled HMS and reinstalled it after configuring the keypad. I also didn’t realize I needed to refresh the app for the status to change when arming/disarming. Thanks for your help.


You have a Iris V1 working? I thought all the V1 stuff was incompatible. Tell me ol Guru, how did you do this magic? (new owner coming from Iris)


I have 3 iris keypads (not sure which generations) -- so far only one paired, but reading this thread, I think its going to be one of the last devices that I transition....after everything else is setup, I'll return to it...but, yes, it's nice to have all 3 keypads beep at same time when armining,...or disarming...because you never know when you use a fob to remotely disarm which door you are entering from and there is a keypad near each of the exterior doors and the beeping lets you confirm that the device properly armed/disarmed as you can hear it lightly outside.


Nope, my mistake. I was aware of other iris v1 devices, but didn’t realize there was a keypad that predated item 3405-L. I have a 3405-L and a 3405-L2, both of which are considered V2, I’ve come to learn.


Just installed 3405-L and when the door contacts open, the alarm sounds (as the chime) and goes off when the door -- i think something is backwards.. the chime should go on when the door opens and the alarm should only go off when the HSM is set to away. I do not see a way to configure the door chimes -- is there a step I am missing?


That is not default behavior. You must have set up a rule or an app to do that. I would suggest removing it if it's not doing what you want. I can say, I have a v3 and it doesn't do that. How would it even know which contact sensors you want to do that for? or is it just every contact sensor in your whole system? And without an app, it couldn't know that happened. Devices can't talk to each other except through an app.


So the default behavior does not include a chime when the contact sensors are assigned in HSM? Interesting that would make sense then -- it just sees it as another rule to trigger the alarm then. Why wouldn't the chime function be a default behavior? I also tried to do a notice for when a door is left open -- to send a text message if open for longer than 5 minutes. That does not seem to work either so far. I really do not understand the need for more than 3 modes in HSM -- Home, Away and Partial -- but offers Day, Night and Evening and I guess these modes may be useful, I just haven't figured it out yet. I am really new to all of this so it will dawn on me in time.


I just have Home and Away Modes now.


HSM does not do chimes for open/closed sensors by default. I think this makes sense. Not everyone wants chimes just because they're using contact sensors to detect intrusions in HSM, nor would it know which sensors are actually doors (they can be used on windows, refrigerators, washing machines, or anything) or which chime device(s) to use or how to create the desired effect (some like the Dome support multiple chimes; others will do a non-stop siren if just sent a simple "on" command). It's easy to set up yourself with a custom rule, but I don't think you want to do this either. HSM custom rules will create an "alert" that has to be cleared in HSM, otherwise you'll see HSM as having an "alert" every time you look at the app list or load the app in the admin UI. HSM is really meant for things you care to (need to) acknowledge. That could be leaving a door unlocked, but it's likely not opening a door...but the choice is yours. Blank canvas to do what you want. :slight_smile:

For the text that isn't working, you may wish to post a screenshot of your rule to see if anyone sees problems. Also make sure that your number is in the exact format specified and that you haven't exceeded the 10/day limit (consider other notification services like Pushover or the forthcoming mobile app to work around this).

As for modes: HSM does not offer Day, Night, and Evening. It sounds like you are talking about mode (sometimes also called location mode). Away, Day, and Night are the default modes, but you can create as many as you want. These are not tied to HSM. They're for Hubitat as a whole and can be used for any purpose, but most people use them to restrict apps/automations (e.g., don't run this lighting automation in day mode, or only run this automation in night mode). HSM has only Armed-Home, Armed-Away, and Armed-Night, plus disarmed (and "disarm all rules," which will stop the execution of any custom rules you made as described above; there's also a momentary "cancel" action that will cancel the alerts from these rules). Location mode and HSM armed/disarmed status are separate, but it's confusing because "Away" is included as a default location mode (that is something I have yet to find a use for; I do use modes but for mostly determining how my lighting automations should operate based on time of day).


Thanks -- the text are working now. If you do not use HSM for the "chime" feature, what other app would one use for that purpose -- esp with this keypad? I already miss that feature coming over from Iris. It is something I def need with kids in the house and to monitor the coming and going. I have heard some use Alexa and I have yet to find that option.


Here’s what I use. It requires Google Assistant Relay, but that is a very useful tool for other thing, so it’s worth the extra effort. Most solutions require a Node.js server. However, you can do it all cloud.

A few of the options are linked to in my post.


In addition to the above suggestion, you could also just use Rule Machine. (It's a bit complex if you're new, but you can find help here if you want.) There are probably also purpose-built apps that can do something similar with a bit less work (besides installing the custom code), but I haven't used any.


You could also just use a siren that has a Chime function like the Dome Siren. That along with a simple rule in RM and there you go. I have the following rule set up. I have the delay there so that if the sensor rapidly closes/opens multiple times when it's triggered (can happen when the batteries are dying) i don't get like 100 chimes in a row.



I have ordered the dome siren (I already have one without the chime); I was hoping the chime would work on the Iris Keypad like it did on Iris, seems it should be simple but no big deal, will figure it out. I will give your solution a try when the dome arrives.

I am looking into the TTS configuration -- but wow.. that is really complex with the node portion.

Thanks so much for all the responses.