Iris IL03_1 features and driver verification needed

Okay this is a bit confusing. I am seeing contradictory information on the subject and since they are out of production, I kind of need help figuring out what I have here.

I have Iris iL03_1 Zigbee Smart Plugs (Iris V3). When I search Iris V3 smart plug Hubitat, I get aimed at at custom Iris smart plug driver that includes power monitoring, and a good number of posts say V3 smart plugs monitor power.

But a good number of posts say this model does NOT monitor power, and to use the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver.

I like the V3 smart plugs because they do not block adjascent outlets in a duplex recepticle, but I have applications where I want power monitoring. Most notably to create an automation that will detect when the TV is turned on, and in turn prevent motion detectors from turning on the living room light, or at least limiting the brightness so that someone getting up to get a snack doesn't disturb everyone else watching a movie. Or the dog moving around doesn't turn the lights on while we are playing a game, or whatever....

If indeed the iL03_1 A.K.A. Iris V3 Zigbee Smart Plug does not support power monitoring, I would like a recommendation for a good quality, Hubitat compatible preferrably Zigbee smart plug that does do power reporting, that has a similar non blocking form factor.

It seems to me that many of the newer smart plugs I am finding on Amazon are WiFi and that is kind of a no go as I need these to also act as Zigbee mesh repeaters.


If that version does indeed have power monitoring and you're using the custom driver and it works (it turns on and off remotely) Make sure you click configure on the device page after saving so it can be updated. Wait about 5-10 mins and look at the device page and see the variable outputs. That I would think would be a good way to be sure.

No soap.

So anyone know if the Jasco 45853 will work and how to configure it? It has the form factor I want, is a Zigbee repeater, and is reported to do power monitoring.