Iphone dashboard update

Set up a friend yesterday on Hubitat. Made him a dashboard for his Iphone. We put 2 links on his home screen, 1 for local and 1 for remote. Tried the local one but never thought to try the remote one.

This morning he left the house, called me as the remote one wasn't working. I pulled the same dashboard link up on my computer and it was working, but the status wasn't updating on his phone. I had him open the link in his browser and it worked fine from there.

I am not an Iphone person so don't know much about them. Any ideas as to why the link on home screen won't update status correctly?

Did you set the option for the dashboard: 'Allow Access to this Dashboard via Remote / Cloud Links'?

The same dashboard will work for local and remote, automatically switching as required, if you allow both types of links.

Access to the dashboard is not the issue. The dashboard opens and displays. Problem is the tiles do not update. Pushing a tile will do what it is supposed to do, but the tile doesn't display that it did it. In particular, push a switch tile to change mode. Mode actually changes, but display status doesn't show the mode change.

The local dashboard default update interval is every 2 seconds and the cloud is every 5 seconds. You can change the cloud to 2 seconds in the dashboard app setting down to 2 secs and test. The other thing is try with another browser as well.

Edit : keep an eye on this post as well. Possible something related.

Update to this issue.

I had him start using the Hubitat app. The app is very slow opening. And sometimes the dashboard updates. Other times he has to close the app and reopen to get the dashboard to update. He only has 1 dashboard at this time and it only has about 10 devices on it.

My Android phone is very fast opening and updating.

He says His Iphone is an 8+. Not sure if that helps.

Still looking for suggestions. Is there some setting in the Iphone that needs to be done?

Did you see the previous response? What are your settings for refresh?

The settings are the default 2 and 5 seconds. But it's taking a lot longer than that. If it updates at all. He has to close the app and reopen to get an update.

I opened his dashboard on my android phone using cloud link and it works great. So it appears to be something with his phone. And I know almost nothing about IPhone so kinda lost as to what to do.