Dashboards not updating in realtime

Since upgrading to, my dashboards no longer update device status in realtime. Things like contact sensor and bulb status don't update without completely refreshing. Happens on the web dashboards as well as in app.

Nothing in the logs pops out at me.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I've noticed this on my wall mounted tablet showing my Heating dashboard page. I display attributes for various settings and modes that mostly come from Global Variable connectors but also some sensor data, and a couple of times in the last few days they have been out of date without doing a manual refresh. I'm on

In case anyone is following this, my problems seemed to have resolved themselves after a few days. I did go into the dashboards app and hit done, as well as do a hub reboot. Not sure which (if either) of those actually fixed the problem, but it's working correctly now as far as I can tell.

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