Ipad speaking

i have an ipad mounted by the back door and i want it to speak zone openings (back door open/back door closed)like my previous ST and Fire Tablet did. what is the best way to achieve this? I see bigtalker2 and also message center are available in Hubitat. i used bigtalker2 with lanannouncer on the ST setup. It was just slow to speak sometimes 3-5 seconds after the door opened

As far as I know, no one has ever found a way to make an iOS device perform Text To Speech via SmartThings or Hubitat.

Ok thanks. What would be the best app if I used Alexa to speak ?

You have two choices for Alexa Text to Speech solutions...

Echo Speaks by @tonesto7. This is a very full-featured solution.

Alexa TTS by myself, @ogiewon. This is a very lightweight, TTS only solution.

Depending on your particular needs, either may (or may not) be applicable.

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