iOS/TVoS 16.2 or "New Homekit architecture" upgrade broken Hubitat Homekit integration

I upgraded all of my Apple devices today to their respective latest releases. I also upgraded the Apple Home app to the "new architecture". Since the upgrade all Hubitat Homekit accessories are "not responding".

All other bridges which include a lot of Homebridge child bridges, Scrypted, others all work perfectly fine in the Apple Home app.

So far I've:

  1. Rebooted both of my Apple TVs
  2. Rebooted Hubitat hub
  3. Rebooted iPhone

Now I can't say for sure the "New architecture" upgrade is what broke Hubitat, as I didn't check the Home app accessory state after the 16.2 updates but prior to invoking the new architecture wizard. But everything was mostly fine on 16.1.

I'd rather not go nuclear and reset the Hubitat Homekit bridge/QR code as I have 30+ devices presented to Homekit all in different rooms and with custom names.

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Go to HomeKit integration and enable "Relaxed home hub pairing security" at the bottom.
Please let me know if that fixes it.


Ah ha! Everything is back online, except the one ghost motion sensor that I have another community post about (unrelated to 16.2).

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I'm going to make that toggle enabled by default... I thought it would be a 16.2 beta related issue that would go away in a public release, but it's here to stay. Oh well.


Hmm that worked for about 10 minutes. Now all 31 Hubitat accessories are offline again. All other unsupported bridges like Homebridge and Scrypted are online.

This is what I've been experiencing. But as bad as it was yesterday when I woke up this morning it saw everything again and so far today it's been working. It's just not very reliable yet for me.

It was "rock solid" for me with 16.1 everywhere. 16.2 is much less stable to say the least.

And 10 minutes later all is now well and I didn't touch anything. Stability could certainly use some help here.

I was on 16.2 and 116 and it was fine. When I went to 119 then I had issues but most others had issues prior to 119. You and I are special. :smiley:

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Everything was solid for me on 16.1. I upgraded to 16.2 and everything was unresponsive. I restarted integration, and now everything is working again. I have my fingers crossed it will stay that way. I still have "Relaxed home hub pairing security" off.

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Ya I've done that, and also rebooted the whole Hubitat hub, both AppleTV 4Ks, etc. At the moment all devices are functioning. But it seems to flap quite often with 16.2, whereas for me with 16.1 was quite solid.

Both Apple TVs run 16.2 update, right? I had some issues like that while running a mix of different 16.2 beta versions.

Been working last 24+ hours, which is a record since I went to 119, so you may be onto something. Next beta I'll be sure they both update and I have two Apple TV's and only one is on the beta program but I see that which one is in control does seem to shift so maybe when it handed off do the non-beta one things quit working. Interesting and I'm mad at myself for not thinking of that. :smiley:

I wonder if that’s the same with 16.2 release? Mine was working normally on 16.1. This morning I’ve updated one of my ATVs to 16.2 and it’s still working fine. I’ve yet to update the second one from 16.1

An interesting experiment would be to power down the one on 16.2 and see what happens after a few minutes.

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I’ll be home in a couple of hours - I’ll try that and report back.

When it rebooted, it would have switched to the other hub. The new Home architecture requires all Home hubs and iPhones, etc to be on 16.2 (or corresponding release) to be able to control devices in the Home app.

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I wouldn’t have noticed that. I updated my Lounge ATV and my phone- the Bedroom ATV is still on 16.1. How do you know which one is in use on the ATV settings and which isn’t? The Lounge always shows ‘Connected’ (I assume that’s the active one) and I’ve never checked the other.

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I never thought to look in the Home app. So currently all working remotely - the Lounge on 16.2 shows connected and the Bedroom on 16.1 shows standby