iOS shortcuts - Trigger cloud-endpoint of RM rule

I'm hoping someone can help me with a technical issue I'm having using cloud-endpoint and shortcuts app on IOS.

My wife recently switched to an iPhone, and I'm not familiar with iOS. I've been using cloud endpoints to trigger rules with Macrodroid on Android, and I'm trying to do the same thing with iOS Shortcuts. I set up a URL shortcut and a RM rule that should trigger when she connects to Wi-Fi, but it's not working. I'm not sure if I set it up correctly. Would anyone who does utilize the shortcuts app mind sharing a screenshot of how the automation should look with a cloud endpoint url attached to it?

The phone asked me to allow the browser to open the link, and I assumed it was a one-time permission request. However, the automation still isn't triggering automatically.

IOS does not allow certain types of automations to run automatically, Pretty stupid huh? You can not run something automatically based on presence, you have to physically authorize it every time. This may be the same.

This was discussed (IOS 14 Shortcuts on Apple Watch) a few years ago and should still work. Depending on the rule, you might want to consider using a virtual switch in Apple Home to flip based on presence. That's what we use in our house and it works about 99% of the time.

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She doesn't use apple watch, yet... Sadly her Galaxy Watch 5 isn't compatible with iphone. We also don't have an apple home setup. I am personally an android guy and my home is outfitted with google speakers and alexa's.

I am reading somewhere that the focus app has location based triggers that automatically execute. I am investigating this route to trigger this automation.

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You can run a shortcut immediately when the phone connects to a wifi network.

Apparently, connect to wifi and location based shortcuts require "allowing" it to run each time it's triggered. Something to do with privacy. From what I'm reading. My wife will not be manually allowing this automation each time she arrives. It needs to be automatic.

I may try disconnect from bluetooth. From what I've read that might not require giving the automation permission to run.

I also use a virtual switch exposed to iOS for presence and it has been rock solid for me. I trigger RM rules using that virtual switch and it works great.


I have it setup as well - I’m not triggering any automations with it yet, just notifications, but it has been working 100% for the last few weeks.

I tried it, and I believe you need to always allow the action to process as security feature. Have you successfully done this before? Can you share me your screenshot of how your shortcut looks like?

I don’t have it fully setup but noticed the run immediately option at the bottom of the trigger.

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Yup, I noticed that too. It hasn't worked. Maybe I am using the wrong URL option. I setup a focus trigger for when she arrives to the location which doesn't require any input, but today it didn't run. I'm back to the drawing board. I read on reddit someone did a rule where it triggers when the charger is connected, but has if statements such as connected to bluetooth to trigger wait loops for when it it disconnects from bluetooth, then executes the url. That's my next attempt. Otherwise, I may result to a modest approach such as a nfc sticker to execute the url.

The HomeKit integration may be your best bet.

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This is something worth trying. It's likely going to work better if you have a HomeKit hub such as an Apple TV 4 or later, a HomePod, or HomePod Mini. The Apple automations need a HomeKit hub, but there are somethings you can do without one. It's just a question of whether or not it can all connect to WiFi and run your automation with the right timing on arrival. A HomeKit hub will seemlessly handoff between remote and local, and won't limit you from running HomeKit automations (which do come in handy sometimes). Plus you'll be ready for future Matter thread devices with a Thread Boarder Router if you buy one of these four devices as your HomeKit hub.

You may find the app Geofency to be useful. That’s what we use, and it’s easy to trigger web endpoints with it based on location events.

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Even though I am testing the HomeKit presence out, I have been using locative for iOS for a while now with makerAPI and it’s very good.