IOS 14 Shortcuts on Apple Watch

IOS 14 has introduced the ability to run Shortcuts on Apple Watch which I was eagerly awaiting since it was the final missing piece missing from my migration from SmartThings (ST classic had a watch widget to do this). I like the ability to open my gate and unlock things with my watch when I come back from a run.

I've got the Shortcut working using the 'Open [URL] with x-callback' to hit the HE API, but it opens a tiny webpage with the API response on the watch which then needs to be closed (I know...first world problem). I'd like to be able to hit the button on my watch without the webpage appearing. I found other threads showing Shortcuts using the 'Get contents of URL' with a GET method, but this just doesn't seem to work (anymore?).

I'm not sure if something broke in IOS 14 shortcuts with the Get Contents of URL, but curious to see if anyone else has this working smoothly. I know there are 3rd party apps but I prefer not to give my HE API key to 3rd parties.

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Have you tried creating shortcuts from the iPhone "Shortcuts" app? These can be triggered by Apple Watch.

I created this basic Rule Machine 4.0 rule

  • Trigger: Cloud endpoint
  • When triggered: Set the dimmer in my bedroom to 1%

I have this shortcut on my iPhone

On my Apple Watch

  • I just say "Hey Siri, Bed Time" and she says "Ok" and runs the shortcut on my phone. It closes just like any other alert on my watch.

This took about 5 minutes end-to-end to setup. The WAF is higher than ever with her Apple watch. We've been using this since iOS 13 for the past year. I expect this would still work with iOS 14 but haven't checked yet.

Link to info on the Apple Shortcuts app: Run shortcuts with Siri, the Shortcuts app, or Siri Suggestions - Apple Support


Yes, I was referring to the iPhone Shortcuts app--these Shortcuts can now be mirrored on Apple Watch's new Shortcuts app.

As suggested, I tried making a rule with a cloud endpoint trigger and it works perfectly! I never even noticed that Rule Machine trigger. My mistake was trying to hit the Maker API (DEVICEID/on) endpoint which doesn't seem to work with Get Contents Of Shortcut action, but it works perfectly with Rule Machine API endpoints.

This is very awesome because I can make a bunch of Rule Machine endpoints that can run at the click of a button on Apple Watch and leave the iPhone at home. Thanks @craigspree

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Awesome!!! Glad it worked out :slight_smile: So far the favorite for WAF is the shortcut that opens the garage door, triggers some lights, and unlocks the back door when returning from a bike ride.

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Not sure how I missed this but it’s awesome. I see there’s an action to open a webpage as well. I wonder if I could format a dashboard that would work on Apple Watch.

I can confirm that if you use the cloud link it will open a simple dashboard on your watch.

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Just set this up to lock and unlock my front door with Siri. Anyway to trigger this with proximity to my home?


I have a shortcut setup to unlock the door. Works perfectly when I say, "Hey Sire, unlock door". What I am confused about is the above. Yes, Siri, on my watch, responds but from reading the above and other posts it sounds like I can create an icon on my watch that I can touch/press to run this shortcut. Is this true and if so, how?

Thanks in advance

There's a toggle for each shortcut that lets you show on Apple Watch. For each shortcut where this is switched on, you'll see a button for it when you go into the Shortcuts app on the watch-- just touch the button to run it. Greatest thing since sliced bread!

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