Ios Mobile ap 2.0

just barely getting caught up and didn't want to get all confused.
I'm a dedicated android user first off and this is in regards to ios (not too familiar with)

I setup the version 1 mobile app on her ios. The geofence / presence was setup on that mobile app. It works 50 percent of the time. Sometimes it triggers the presence and then sometimes it doesn't.

I'm not sure if I rushed too quickly on this, but I installed Hubitat Mobile app 2.0 on her ios. Once installed I made sure all the settings were the same as the version 1 app. Once I confirmed everything was set. I signed out on the version 1 app and then removed the version 1 app from her ios.

The only app that is on her iOS is the Hubitat Mobile app 2.0. Now is the GeoFencing working correctly now on the app 2.0 ? Do I need to delete her iOS Phone / Device from the Hubitat hub and reinstall at all ? I am currently running Owntracks and am loving it. I just want the Hubitat Mobiel App Geofence part to run as a backup or use it for another function in the future.....

thankyou in advance,


If you are not using her device in any rules, and the presence sensor isn't working, then yes, delete the her device and create a new one. If you are using her device in any rules, then wait until the next update is released.

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Iphone 15 pro

This is what i did this evening. I deleted ios phone device from the hub. I then logged out of the Hubitat App and then Uninstalled the app.

I reinstalled the app and logged in selecting the hub and creating the iphone device selecting the geofencing prompts Location and Background Refresh.

Once all the settings on the hubitat app were all verified and set in place. I could see that i was Inside the geofence.

I rebooted the hub and rebooted the iphone.
I changed the phone status to departed in the device settings.

I have not yet seen the iphone change status to Present at all.

Is there a glitch / bug that needs to be worked out ?

The communication is one way only. The phone/tablet sends the presence event to the hub, but not the other way around.

Thanks for the reply. I get what you are saying and the clarification. So just an update the ios left the house outside the geofence this morning. However i have not recieved an update on my dashboard indicating that.

I just want to make sure i have everything installed correctly in the ios in regards to Hubitat mobile app 2.0 and the settings.

The version 1 app.....the presence worked 70% of the time and it wasnt 100%

Is their bugs still being worked out in regards to ios / hubitat 2.0 mobile app presence?

Thankyou in advance

Yes, the post Bobby links to in his first respnse above aknowledges that there issues currently with presence in the new app.


Thankyou got it

We left the house today
Ios presence is working and triggered away/ Not present

Seems to be working