IOS dashboard looks diff that PC browser

on PC

on ipad mini

why are they different ? I spent a lot of time laying out the dasdboard with a "back" button to go to the MAIN dasdboard, a text panel that defines what the dashboard is and then the devices

on the IOS, the MAIN is off to the right and not on top

Click the gear in the top right and see how many columns you have configured.

Also check the pixel settings under options.


You also might want to check out smartly. You can really dress up your dashboard and it also adds drag and drop so you can easily get everything looking the way you want.

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My guess is you have the row and height options at 0 which allows the dashboard to auto adjust to fit/fill the screen. That's about the only thing I can think of that would allow it to move items around like that from one device to another.


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