Internet restore notification

Hi everyone,
At home we had a situation where the internet dropped out ( my wife was leaving for work and i was already at work) and some of my non local devices could not be controlled (Alexa wifi stuff)
is there a way when the connection is restored i can get a notification from Hubitat so i can then remotely log in to Alexa and check on things.
I am going to create a local shutdown button on my devices for the local stuff if this happens again, its just the other wifi stuff i want to check on etc
Eventually when we get another house i will be getting all zigbee stuff and using purely locally controlled gear.
Any suggestions (newb)

You may want to look at @bptworld 's web pinger. I haven't used it yet myself, but intend to set it up soon.

[RELEASE] Web Pinger


i will give it a read, thanks very much for the quick response!


I've installed it and setup an RM rule to notify me when the connection is re-established. Have also asked if a notification like this can be done through the app.


I installed it also but was having trouble with the notification, looks like you found a work around! i will try that later tonight. It is a great app.
So you use the virtual switch that pings the web to activate a rule when it changes state?

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Create a device using the Web Pinger then treat it like a Presence device. Ping something like google DNS. If it's present then you have internet, if not present then it's down.

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Yep, Bryan actually updated the app to include the notification when the internet comes back online, so my comment about a switch and an RM rule is now redundant, but obviously you could use this switch and a rule for other automations apart from sending a notification, if you want.

I forgot to post here or on the web pinger thread, but I had issues with the notifications coming through while the internet was offline. It could just be me... Though I did read a few threads talking about similar behaviour, including the need for an NTP device I think it was to keep the clock on the HE up to date.