Intermatic CA3750 Help Drivers Code

I am Using an Intermatic CA3750 contactor module, Z wave
Does anybody know if there is a proper drivers code for this ?
It is working for me using Generic Z wave switch.
But this module is configurable for either 2x SPST or 1x DPST
When set up for 2x SPST each contact can be controlled independent of each.
Their was a device driver for this when I was using smartthings.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,
I would like to be able to use this unit "CA3750" to control two functions of my pool

I've only used it with that driver - but my application was a DPST (240V) situation.

If there is a community based Smartthings driver, it may be able to be ported.

Maybe also shoot Bryan (bcopeland) a message in the below thread.

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I just bought a used one of these. Did you ever find a driver for the two independent switches?

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