Interesting Reading on the 700 Series Chip

Here is some interesting facts about the 700 series chip.


The biggest reason the 700 series is better, is that your current devices don't have it. :wink:


I don't understand you, someone always has to find fault with everything someone presents!

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Who's finding fault. It was a joke (the smiley). It is what I do.
Marketers always tell you things are better because you don't have it but likely will want it if you think it is better. The 700 series will be better and we will likely ALL want to have devices with the 700 series chip. Some people will rip out everything they have and replace them with 700 series devices.


Is that like the grass is always greener on the other side? :grin:

But in all seriousness the 700 series is a dramatic improvement

I’m pretty excited to see what is coming


Absolutely, the 700 series chip offers some great improvements. 10 year battery life is awesome. Same with the extended range and speed and bandwidth and security and and. Unfortunately, as with the 500 series, you don't get a lot of the improvements unless you replace everything. A single 300 series (non plus) in your system, limits the the rest of your Plus devices to the slower speed/bandwith of the non plus devices.
I have a few non Plus devices on my network and won't replace them unless they die. I wouldn't consider adding a non plus device today. When I do add or replace, however, I would strongly consider looking at the 700 series over a Plus device especially for a battery device.


The main thing that is better about 700 is something that isn't customer facing... The programming environment and tools are LIGHT YEARS better than the old/crappy/1980 vintage tools we had w/500...

It is much easier for device developers to make more complex devices with 700, or make standard devices MUCH faster.


I did refer to those things in two ands. :grinning:

This is what excites me.. More than any battery life / range claims.. Devices will get a lot “smarter”.. I can’t wait to see what new features manufacturers will be introducing..

I didn't know about mandatory S2 and Smart Start. But then again I'm not sure what that means. If it's mandatory for the device to support it, that's not too different from now (at least S2 has already been required for new certifications for some time). I'm assuming it doesn't mean that the device must use it, otherwise that's definitely going to leave a lot of hubs (Hubitat included) out for the moment. I'm fairly positive that's not the correct interpretation given Z-Wave's long promise of backwards and forwards compatibility, but I'd love to know if I'm wrong.

Hoping there will be a ELV Dimmer Switch that releases with Z-Wave Series 700 - Gen7

Anyone hear or know if this product is in development?