Interesting kickstarter outlet

Looks like an interesting smart outlet.


Interesting but too many eggs in one basket for me.

If one of my xyz sensors/outlets/switches fail, they can be replaced individually.

$75.00 is steep for a kickstarter. The MSRP when it is released will be $129.00 which is too rich for me.


I like the idea of blending motion sensors into existing devices, so that they don’t appear out of the ordinary. Would give me room presence everywhere. But not practical at that price point.


Neat idea and I like it. But no confirmation it would pair direct with HE - looks like it has to go over wifi first, so I'll pass...

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I feel like I have seen this multi-tool before ...

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While I can understand and kind of agree with the:

thought... I could see a benefit to having these sensors as standard in something as common as a wall outlet. Admittedly not all the sensors will be useful for outlets tucked away behind a bed or desk, for example, so you would still need one's with less sensors for those locations. But having a more common option for outlets in places like a Kitchen benchtop, Bathroom or any location where the outlet is more exposed, then I can see a benefit to having each of these bundled into a pre-existing fixture.

That said, I would expect more general interest / need in a smart home would drive that up-take, more than a single product idea like this. While they seem to have overshot their initial target, I still wouldn't expect convenience would drive a strong uptake in the end.

I haven't tried a mmWave sensor yet so I wonder how people with indoor pets could use this. One is very limited in placement options and sensitivity of this device is not adjustable, according to the FAQ.

I think in concept is a cool idea. The problem is in practical use.

As some have mentioned, outlets though in every room, tend to get covered up. There use case may be very limited because of that. I also don't see temp and humidity being reliable at that height either. Most of the time those sensors need to be higher to get good temps for a room.

I think the use for these would be limited to outlets that are in very open areas without obstructions. Maybe outlets in Kitches.

The nightlight function can be had for around $10. The AQI sensor isn't very descriptive. AQI is different from country to country. It looks like it probably includes a TVOC component though which can be good. Overall for the price i would still prefer something not so all in one.

I think if they just sold the plug by itself that could be intriguing. But then that would need to be around $50 so not to to not price it self out of the market of reasonability.

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Same one as this isn't it?