Integration to Delta VoiceIQ

Hmm...If it is possible, it's not within my skill set. Currently, there's no local access, and no cloud status provided. Even the mobile app and cloud portal only make assumptions; that's why during an initial device setup, the app has to ask you if the thing is dispensing properly.

Maybe by grabbing the MAC address and trying to get into the device via some undocumented admin portal or creds during its setup process (when you connect to the Wi-Fi it briefly sets up)? Or by consoling in to the module/s via direct Ethernet cable connection? Speculating here...but if someone could manage that, who knows? True local access might even be possible (not holding my breath).

This short cable between VoiceIQ and Solenoid modules is not Ethernet Interface.
This is just a set of 8 wires carrying over whatever proprietary Delta brewed interface.
Real network communication is a WiFi from VoiceIQ module.

Too bad Delta is not providing faucet status but I am near 100% sure status is available.

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Any of you guys have the version 1 Voice IQ module? The Hubitat integration is still working, but the Amazon integration is kaput. Alexa started responding "there's no device associated with that account" or something to that effect. Says the same when I try to login via the Delta portal. Google can login, but doesn't control my faucet at all, not even from the Delta Voice IQ portal. Delete device does nothing.

I've been still asking alexa for specific volumes and using a button to warm the water in the morning (something that was determined couldn't be done via the Hubitat integration).

Don’t you have a version 2?

I wonder if it may still be under warranty with Delta?

I think mine might be the same version as yours:

I haven’t noticed any issues yet…

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According to the portal when you go to set up, mine is a version 1 because it doesn’t have the QR code on it.

Voice IQ module is still working, just the Alexa integration isn’t. I can trigger from HE and it dispenses.

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Fixed. I had to reset my version 1 Voice IQ module and reconnect it to WiFi, at which time it performed a firmware update and then it would again allow me to reconnect to Alexa. I had to enter a new device ID and Token in the Hubitat driver.

All are working again! :smiley:

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