Integrating HSM and Ring Keypad gen2

I couldn't find any existing topic about, so apologies if I'm duplicating...

I've been looking to add a keypad for arming / disarming HSM, and just bought a Ring gen2 keypad. I played around a bit setting up a virtual device, just to see the various options, etc., but I'm wondering about the details of the integration, the user experience, so to speak.

That's why I created a new topic -- I'm not looking to solve some specific integration issue.

I assume that once the device is discovered, it will be recognized by HSM as a security keypad. My virtual device did, so that seems easy.

Here are some questions I have:

In the PIN settings, what does 'code position mean? For what situations would I set more than one PIN?

The keypad and HSM both have configurable delays. How do they interact / interfere with each other?

If the wrong code is used, does HE get notified of that, or is that local to the keypad?

I use modes to trigger the alarm state -- can I use the keypad to manipulate the mode instead of the HSM status?

What other automations have folks done with a keypad like this?

Regarding the 'useless' emergency buttons -- I was imagining that I would use them for some specific non-security automations. Any thoughts on whether it would be possible to get those supported? (My impression from other topics suggested that they are not.)

  • Multiple codes can be used to do a number of things, most people use them to tell who armed/disarmed HSM.
  • For the delays, pick one or the other too many ways to get unexpected results otherwise.
  • HE should get a failed attempt event on an invalid code.
  • You can use rules to modify the mode instead of the HSM status, but if you have HSM statuses depending on modes or vice-versa the debugging can get interesting if something isn’t working correctly.

As for what else, if you don’t mind writing rules or apps, the options are endless. Before I moved I had one setup to open/close the garage door in addition to setting the HSM status. Also tied light control into the mode and status combinations.

Thanks for that information.

I am not afraid of using rules, or apps, for that matter. Since I have a bunch of things triggered by modes, it would be ideal to rely on rules, I think.

I was thinking of getting the keypad too but does it actually connect to HE and which driver is used?

There is a native driver for it....

Indeed there is. I'm so used to reading about missing drivers that I made an assumption.

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File under 'What???':

Got my keypad today, unpacked it, plugged it in. Joined the Z-Wave network without trouble, with the S2 key, etc., etc. Added a code.

Easiest setup ever, just a bit too easy, to say the least.

I did not add it to any apps or automations, yet it immediately starts arming and disarming HSM. Here's from the device page:

And from the HSM setup:

Capture 1

The device doesn't think it's being used by anything, and HSM doesn't think it's connected to any keypads. Yet...

BTW, when I said 'immediately starts...' I meant that I can use the arm/disarm buttons, with the code I set, to control HSM. Without adding the device to any app or rule.

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How I ended up integrating the keypad was to rip out all Mode -> HSM controls, and install rules to go the other way. I did not find a way to trigger rules with events from the keypad directly, and I did not find any way to prevent HSM from interacting with the keypad (as I described earlier).

Explicitly integrating it, however, does let me set the middle button to armNight instead of armHome, so that's good.

I set the entry/exit delays to the same as in HSM, and they don't seem to interfere with each other (that was a question I had earlier).

The RM UI lets me use the security keypad as an triggering event source, but nothing is triggered. I try it with the 'Log a Message' RM action, but nothing is logged.

Here's my (short) driver wish list:

  1. Give me events for all the buttons on the keypad, and let me use them all in RM. That includes the three emergency buttons, the 'check' and 'cancel' buttons.

  2. Don't automatically integrate with HSM -- I'd rather be setting the mode and then have that trigger HSM, which would allow me to avoid involving RM.

I do have a questions about the driver settings UI:

What does the setPartialFunction function do? I see no change in the state when I press this button.

Sorry to be dense so i just need the ring keypad 2nd gen (z-wave) and don't need the ring base station for it to work with HE / HSM?

Nope, just need the keypad, there are native drivers in HE that you can use without the need for a Ring base station.

thank you sir

I am wondering if maybe you can help me - I have not been able to get my new Ring keypad gen2 to pair. When I run Z-Wave inclusion, it does not detect the keypad. I thought the first one I purchased was defective, so I got another one but it also fails to discover. Since you had no problem with the discovery, and others use this keypad, I must be doing something wrong.

BTW - I tried a factory reset and then ran discovery - still not found. When I plug in the power, the network light blinks and per the Ring website that is supposed to mean it is ready to be discovered. Yet nothing.

What am I doing wrong? (I have paired another Z-Wave device so I know the hub is working.)

For me the sequence was important, I had to start the inclusion on the hub, and then power up the keypad... If I did it the other way around it wouldn't include. (I also included the keypad while in the same room as the hub, and then moved it to its final location.)

Thanks for the advice.
I tried that - no dice.
I even tried it twice.
Maybe I will go eat some rice.

Could there be a compatibility issue between my C7 and the Ring gen2? I have two keypads and neither show up when discovered. Is there something I need to do because they use S2 security with a pin? From what I have read in other threads, I think a window should pop up to ask me for the pin or to choose the security to use. But nothing happens when I try to discover either keypad.

So frustrating.

Did you use the SmartStart function in the mobile app. I just add it to the SmartStart and connected it to power (or reset it) and then it just added. Do not change anything on the security screen. Ring devices can be a little picky about that.

Thank you!!! That worked. I was using the web interface, not the mobile app.

For anyone else experiencing this problem, I used SmartStart and scanned the QR code on the back of the keypad. Everything was entered automatically. After I did that, I plugged in the keypad and after about 30 seconds it was paired.

I think I understand how this should work but I can't seem to get it to. I have paired the keypad. I can arm and disarm using on the device page. The different arm buttons light up and the keypad makes announcements. I have codes installed, but when I enter a code nothing happens. I get nothing in the logs. I see everything I do on the device page in the logs but if I enter a code and press any arm or disarm button I get nothing.

Any suggestions?

Did you add it into HSM as a keypad?

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