Integrate Somfy in Hubitat

Can anyone tell me how i integrate Somfy in Hubitat
Thanks in advance.

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Are they Z-wave, Zigbee or WiFi?

Thank you for the response. I'm not sure they are sunscreens! they work with tahoma i know!

I'm not sure sadly, did you have an ST Hub prior to HE?
I ask as you could leave them on ST, and use HubConnect between the two to control them?

Until now I have served them with Alexa and the Thahoma app.

Someone wrote an App for SmartThings here

May be worth to see if you can port it to HE?

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ok, but how do I do that? I am very new here !!

Well the app installed on HE ok, as did a driver I tried.

Which devices do you have? Do the drivers shown here support them?

If they do, it may be worth attempting to install them on HE, and give them a try.
I have no Tahoma credentials to give it a go.

So you think when I install TaHomaBySomfy.SmartApp.groovy it might work.

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You would need to install the TaHomaBySomfy.SmartApp.groovy and also the appropriate driver.


Then install the App on HE, run through the adding Username and Password for Tahoma, and see if the devices are picked up.

Sorry, but I am completely new here, if you can explain that to me step by step, I will certainly try

So...I also know little about these blinds, but if you're able to use the Z-Wave link with your blinds, that would probably be much easier to make work with Hubitat. Apparently, however, it's a one-way street: the controller doesn't report back the blinds' current positions, so you can only send "up," "down," or "stop" (if you only used Hubitat to adjust them that would probably help, but I'm still not sure you'd ever have a way to know when they're fully open or closed). See: Somfy ZRTSI RTS 16 Channel Z-Wave Drivers? and related threads for more.

Maybe an unofficial port of the above would give you more options. I'm not really sure. (But the Z-Wave device would likely work natively as a dimmer or blinds controller, possibly without "stop" unless someone has found a workaround for that yet.)

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How to add Apps here

How to add drivers here

But @bertabcd1234 would know better than I on the Somfy. I have the Zemismart Z-wave curtains here. Hope it works out though :+1:

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I probably don't--I hope someone out there knows more than either one of us, apparently! Haha. I've recently started using iBlinds, a Z-Wave retrofit motor for existing blinds (venetian blinds, not shades, as so many other product seem to be made for). They have their own manuacturer-official, Hubitat-unofficial driver but also seem to more less work with the generics. I was waiting for MoveZ, but I really like the look of these better (hidden in headrail), and unlike MoveZ, they've actually made it to the market, something I suspect I'll be waiting a lot longer for with those...

But in general, I'd say a Z-Wave (or Zigbee--I can dream, right?) device is much more likely to work better than an unofficial, ported LAN driver, which is what I'm assuming the above would end up being. It certainly depends on the device and quality of the code (and platform differences), so I could be wrong in this particular case. Good luck either way!

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Those are pretty cool. Any issues with not having any tilt mechanism other then the motor? Have you gotten any feeling for how long the batteries last between charges?....and did you add Solar?

I like the concept, as all I have are venetian blinds, which as you noted are not widely automated!


I got my first motor about a month or so ago so can't say for sure about a lot yet--other than that it convinced me to buy a few more. Most are just battery. I did buy a solar panel and plan to put it in a harder-to-reach window. (They claim you'll only have to recharge it 2-3 times a year and don't recommend adjusting your blinds more than twice a day, presumably to obtain that, so we'll see...) I think you could also leave it plugged in if you don't mind a dangling, visible USB cable. But that's probably not necessary--with most blinds (unfortunately not some cheap ones I got couple years ago and had to chop up the headrail a bit to get them to fit at all...), the micro-USB port should be easily accessible from where the old tilt string was.

I'm using Pico remotes (I have a Lutron system) and Alexa/voice control to manipulate the blinds and don't miss the pull strings that much so far. Still trying to figure out the best way to handle this. (I wish the button, also exposed where the strings were, could be used to adjust; right now it's just for Z-Wave inclusion/exclusion, something testers apparently asked for, as if that's something I'd need/want to do all the time; they're open to changing this in future versions but would need different hardware since these don't support OTA).

I'm still open to other ideas for blinds automation, but this was the only thing I could find for venetian blinds that was retrofit, actually available, and natively compatible with Hubitat (Z-Wave) without any additional hubs required (otherwise I'm assuming MySmartBlinds, one of few others I can find, might too). Axis looks like it might work if you have a continuous chain, but I don't; and as I said before, MoveZ looks promising but way behind schedule (and would require you to mount something where it can manipulate the string, something I'm not sure would work everywhere for me). Since I have RA2, Lutron would work too, but I'm still not sure they have blinds, and this was a lot cheaper and involved talking to zero humans/dealers. :slight_smile:

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That's pretty impressive battery life really. I'm not sure whether I beleive it, but for $20 adding on the solar seems like a no-brainer, although I wonder how bad it would look from outside.

My blinds are non-chain (so no Axis), and I'm not a Lutron user, so...there's two that are out of scope...and as you pointed out, that only leaves iBlinds and the vaporware one...not exactly a market with loads of choices...

I like the installation method, my only reservation is the removal of the string. The WAF would plummet if the motor glitched and the blinds didn't open or close as appropriate...seems like high WAF risk to me

Also at $130-150 per window....a bit pricey....but may earn their $$$ back with smart use on sunny days in the summer....dunno.

Interesting find! Look forward to hearing how they last battery wise...


Thanks for your help!

Always get an error message (see 3) if I want to log in (see 1) and log in (see 4) It probably has to do with (see 2)!


If this app uses http requests then it is going to have to be re-written to use the Hubitat schema for these requests. It won't work directly importing from ST unfortunately. The code is a little different for doing an HTTP Post from Hubitat vs. Smartthings.

Try removing this line from the app.

method: 'POST',

It is on line 454. Hubitat doesn't require you to declare the method when making a POST request because you use the command: httpPost(params). Declaring the method in the params is superfluous.

Update: You would also need to remove lines 665, 756, and 799.

Thanks, just delete them?