Insteon Keypad to Zooz Zen32

Greetings! This is my first post to the community. I'm migrating away from Insteon and into the Z-Wave world since my Insteon devices are starting to die. I have a question about the Zooz Zen32 and how I can set it up much like I did my Insteon Keypad.

Press keypad button -> Light turns on (keypad button automatically turns on)
Press REMOTE keypad button -> Light turns on -> Keypad button turns on as part of scene

I have the Zen32, Sengled RGBW and Aeotec Wall Mote. Ideally, I could turn the bulb on from either the wall mote or the Zen 32 and the output is the same. I have the bulb working from both sources BUT when using the remote I can't figure out how to toggle the Zen32 button to indicate I've activated that 'scene'.

Not sure if this is possible, but hoping to get some advice. Thank you!!!!

Unfortunately the ZEN32 buttons do not have any sort of on/off status. The only way to change the LED indicator is by setting the parameter which then causes the main button LED to flash as it does with all parameter changes. The community has requested a way to set the LED without the flashing so we will see if they come through with that on a firmware update I guess.

If you dont mind the flashing you can use the setLED command from a rule to adjust the LED on any of the buttons using this community driver. [RELEASE] Zooz ZEN32 Scene Controller (community driver)

You will have to use a rule though, cannot be done with a scene alone.

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Try an Inovelli z-wave dimmer switch, it has tons of notification features, colors, flashing, chasing