Inovelli LZW30 (Black) - LED Color

Hi everyone,

I installed an Inovelli LZW30 Black switch yesterday for our outdoors lights. It's working well, This is my first time using a Hubitat, and I was able to set this up no problem.

I do have a question though...the LED indicator on switch itself is always blue. I was wondering if it's possible to change that to "red" when off, and "blue" when on? Going through settings and messing around with Rule Editor doesn't seem to work for me.

I also see two options of the physical switch. One is "Inovelli Switch LZW30 (LED Color)" and another is "Outdoor Lights - Front".

Is someone able to assist please?

The Inovelli driver creates a child device (by default Inovelli Switch LZW30 (LED Color))for the LED. If you target that with Simple Rules, Rule Machine, webCore, etc. you should be able to set the colors as desired.

Thank you. Do you have a sample script of how I would accomplish this? I have coded in a very long time.

What WebCore and how do I go about implementing and using it?

webCore is similar to Rule Machine, easiest way to install is using Hubitat Package Manager.

As to an example (this is from webCore):

I do exactly this in Rule Machine (see below). I use a virtual switch just for logging the action, so you can ignore that line.

Here are the inovelli drivers as well as instructions for how to add them to Hubitat:

Thank you, I will try to attempt this! My Switch is not the Red version, so hopefully I can still accomplish this.

Neither is mine, so it should work. You are using the Inovelli drivers, right?

Yes. That was the first thing I did before I even installed the switch. :slight_smile:

Just need to figure out Rule Machine for the first time!

Thank you my friend for this - finally got my LED to change colors on cue.

If I could ask... the logging action with the virtual switches, not sure I understand, could you explain a bit.


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Short story: I came from Wink and their app showed which automation executed at what time. I would use that when troubleshooting. The logs in HE are somewhat limited and also get recycled periodically. In order to maintain a history and be able to go back to check, I use Node-red ( to capture data from HE and log it in a database. The "virtual" switch (naming convention of "Virtual"+Automation name) allows me to log it as an "automation". (Eg: Virtual switch = On, Automation started, Virtual switch=Off, Automation ended)

Long story: Here is a link to the details of how I did this (Device event list like Wink had). Hope this helps.

Very happy to read this - as a matter of fact I have setup a Pi to run NodeRED to learn more about it. A great turn of event for me.

I had issue with Grafana, and believed NodeRED could be a better call.

Thanks you so much.

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