Inovelli Blue's

Finally moved in and got settled in my new home and starting to set up my inovelli switches. I've set up 1 red, 1 blue, and 1 fan. All 3 switches show up and connect to my hubitat but getting some weird results. The red is working flawlessly. The Fan is connected but no fan is actually installed yet so its just kinda there but seems to be good. The Blue is connected, but keeps cycling though LED status, then makes a click noise (like the red does when light turns off). The other weird thing is im not able to set rules on either the blue or the fan switch. They just dont show up in when selecting for rules (the red does and the blues do show up in devices). Any advice? both of these are zigbee.

As a side note having issues trying to connect some ring contact sensors to hubitat... I did a trial one a few weeks back and had no issues, but its since gone mia and cant seem to connect to them.

Update on the cycling and clicking, tried swapping the swich tupe in the settings with no improvement, removed the switch and also no improvement. Swapped the line and load wires and that stopped the problem, and switch powers the light on/off (did it other way as well) but switch won’t go into pairing mode either by using air gap or the configure button

If you had line load mixed up it could have fried something in the could have gotten one of the bad batch that had Zigbee issues, which Invelli is happy to replace, if it's one of the affected lots. I'm running 4 Blues, zero issues on a C7

It is a refurbished unit so maybe? It’s just weird I connected it and it works, and connected to dashboard but doing the cycling while off. Mownother way works normally but won’t go into pairing. Going to try a different switch in am

Managed to finally get it to work by disconnecting it fully, was a pain to repair had to hold the configure button and paddle up for like 30 seconds. Now my issue is that there is no zigbee or blue version in the hubitat.

This is very vague... Folks here may be able to help if you can be more specific.

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Sorry yes, so I've figured out that the "type" option matters for showing the device for rules. With the red switch I have it set up as "Invovelli Z-Wave Red Scene Dimmer. Under the Type section there is no option for Blues or zigbee switches it list 7 different Zwave switches, then has 2-channel plug, 4-in-1 sensor, bulb multi-color, Bulb-multi white, fan/light switch. I have 2 blue switches (1 fan controller, and 1 blue 2-1 switch. I have Inovelli Fan/Light Switch option checked but with this typing the switches do not show up to be used for rules (the red that is set to inovelli z-wave4 red scene dimmer shows up fine)

Hubitat does not have native drivers for the latest gen Reds or any of the Blues.

The drivers from Inovelli are available in HPM.

can you elebrate by chance still super new to this only prior experience is google automation lol how do i go about getting drivers for it?

HPM = Hubitat Package Manager, which is a very helpful tool to download & manage (many but not all) community drivers & apps.

The instructions that came with each of your switches covers how to download the corresponding drivers and set up your switches - have you looked through those instructions? Here's the HTML version of the instructions that comes with the Blue 2-in-1.

The driver link in those instructions goes straight to Inovelli's GitHub page for the driver code, and that works perfectly well -- if you want to later do a match-up in HPM to help keep the driver updated over time, you can always do that later.

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This got everything working, you are awesome sir, ty!

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