Inovelli Blue

Anyone here been beta testing it with Hubitat? Zigbee dimmer and on/off in one. Any thoughts to share? I’ll admit, Im rooting for them, hoping supply chain gets better for them soon.

Also there are rumors in the Inovelli board about partnering with another vendor.

Yes, there are at least a few Hubitat users in the beta group (and we've been freed to discuss it publicly now :D). In my experience, it works great, both from a features perspective (everything the Red Series can do and a bit more, just Zigbee instead of Z-Wave) and seems to work much better even just as a "regular" dimmer (no choppiness like I've seen with the Red Series; better compatibility with no-neutral low-wattage situations, like my Hue bulbs in an old house with a no-neutral switch box, bypass/capacitor still required in my particular case; and probably more I'm forgetting).

They're aiming for a mid-July release date, last I saw. Hopefully they won't be as delayed as the Red Series was, and I also wish them luck!

Regarding that other vendor, their website contains some hints about that now. :smiley:


@bertabcd1234 - thanks for the comments. That 700+ thread is a bit to go through.

Curious on if you’ve seen how three way will work with it, do you still need a smart traveller switch? Thinking of how many I want to pre order… may replace some legacy switches.

I haven't tested this myself, but from what I remember, it's similar to the wiring for the Red Series. You didn't need a "smart" switch at the second location, but it can work--with some different features, depending on configuration--with either a dumb, aux/add-on, or full-on smart switch in the other location(s), like the Red Series.

They already have the wiring diagrams on their website (and the manual, both linked to from the product page in their store), so you could check that out if you're wondering:

One notable addition is that they are releasing their own "White Series" aux/add-on switch around the same time, so you don't have to use a GE/Jasco, HomeSeer, or other compatible (not sure if there were any...) product for the add-on/aux location, if that's what you choose for that location, though they'd still work. It's also a closer visual match since they have the "config" button.

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I have also been extremely happy with the Blue Series switch. As @bertabcd1234 mentions, the dimming is very smooth which is a plus! I did test the 3-way configuration early on and found it to work great!

If you like the notification LED, the one on the Blue series has some very nice additional features, like new light patterns and also the ability to be able to individually control each LED which can be very useful!

Let us know if you have any specific questions, or if there is anything you would like me to try for you. I am currently using mine on a daily basis.


I'm so jealous of you guys who already have the Blues! Thanks for the early feedback/insight.


Any word on a blue version of their fan/light switch with RF canopy module?

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Based on what’s on their community forum, I suspect their focus is on getting the Blue Switch to the market, and on their partnership at this time.

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The dream device... They laid out a roadmap and I seem to recall this was on it but quite a ways down the road... We'll have to keep on dreaming.

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It is indeed on it...including a dual-switch and a 5-button switch (presumably similar to the Zooz controller...both as a switch and a remote). Who knows what actual timeline is on it these days though? I thought I saw a post from @Eric_Inovelli somewhere (Reddit maybe?) that had slightly more recent info...he's everywhere so I dunno where I saw it LOL. They got so many devices I'm looking forward to...patience is not my strong suit. :rofl:

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Hey guys, appreciate the thread and all the questions! @bertabcd1234 and @Sebastien have done an excellent job with the answers, not much I can add! Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Regarding the fan switch (not fan/light), yes, we we're waiting to finish up the firmware on the 2-1. There were some last minute changes and bugs that we found that we had to work through. But the good news is that the fan switch shares a lot of the same code, so we are already on v4 of the firmware (any fan beta testers, sorry, we were keeping this a secret lol - we'll share it shortly).

So that one should launch extremely fast after the 2-1 and Aux.

As for the roadmap... Yeah... I'm like you @Vyrolan - impatient and I often also bite off more than I can chew... Ambitious I guess. We're finalizing the partnership this week (I feel like I say this every week... Legal is a very slow process) but there are definitely some cues already on the site. Once that partnership is established, I will be revising the roadmap. We definitely will be concentrating on lighting, but the first step is to stabilize our Blue Series while simultaneously being back the Red Series as we'll have a little bit more influence and buying power.

Should be an exciting next couple months!


Will you be bringing the fan/light switch back into stock or focusing more on the zigbee since that's more readily available than z-wave stuff?

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The ZWave fan/light is on their roadmap to be back as well. I get the feeling that the Red series will be completely updated to 700 series ZWave so it will be more worth the wait. I saw another post somewhere from Eric about they were wanting the 700 for the Red Series but they couldn’t quite them in time and were already behind schedule so they shipped with 500 series.

I may have to setup a script to poll their site for more preorder availability. :rofl:


Great question! The gameplan is to sell what we can for now (to stay in business - we're eating Ramen and Potatoes over here!) and that is Zigbee as there's no shortage of chips at this time (or at least this is what we're told).

We have two manufacturers... A Z-Wave one who has made all of our Red Series products and a Zigbee one which is new who will be making our Blue Series.

The issue we have is our Z-Wave manufacturer either lost allocation or had something happen in that they are struggling to get Z-Wave chips. Our Zigbee manufacturer said they can get us the volumes we need, but of course that would require us to rebuild everything from scratch (tooling costs, engineering fees, and firmware costs).

Our hope is by teaming up with another Z-Wave player that we can bring more volumes to the table to see if that helps the Z-Wave manufacturer better negotiate with the chip supplier. At the same time, we need to explore what the new manufacturer can do and (possibly) work out a deal to where they waive some of the tooling based on volumes.

The good news is that there are experts in our side now and I can focus where I'm good at (my background is marketing/branding... Definitely not supply chain lol).

So, to summarize - short term we are focusing on Blue Series while simultaneously working to get Red Series back in stock be it with our original manufacturer or our new one.

Not sure on what will be 500/700/800 series quite yet.


Thanks as always for the detailed responses Eric. Good luck with all the supply chain issues and Blue Series launch. I’m looking forward to it!


Yeah no prob - appreciate you tagging me! I get an email notification so I can stay on top of things :slight_smile:


Dam you guys, now I have to go preorder more Blue Series. I really need to stop reading the forum...


Friend...I feel this pain so much. :rofl:

Yea,same. I have almost all wall switches converted to smart, Buuut I have a few older switches that don’t work ‘great’, just finding a reason to spend on something new and shiny. :slight_smile:

@Eric_Inovelli I hope receptacles (actual hard wired decora style) are on your radar as well

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