Inovelli 4 in 1 sensor

Just purchased Inovelli 4 in 1 sensor with illuminance. I'd like to hear about useful, creative integrations that use this parameter. Thanks!

The killer feature most people use luminance for is:

  • motion is detected
  • it is dark
    -> turn some lights on

that pretty much sums it up. This can help you determine if it's dark enough or too bright for the lights to be on. It's a tricky parameter to get right, but nice when it works. I also use a multisensor for temperature to control the fan speed in our bedroom to keep the temperature regulated.


Great responses! Thanks. This community is like no other. Privileged to be a member. Keep ideas coming!

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Can someone with this sensor provide feedback on how responsive/fast the Lux updating/reporting is???

In all honesty here don't use the battery if you want near real time reporting. I suggest pulling the battery and use a micro usb cable with a 5v 2a adaptor. Reporting would be near instant for all sensors then if you set the thresholds to a lower reporting level.


I ran the sensor for a while. Had light and humidity set to report in 1 min intervals (of course, on USB power). The reporting seemed very reliable.

Unfortunately, the motion sensor was not usable.
There are some complains about the motion sensor on the Inovelli boards; and so, it's unclear whether the sensor should be called 4 or 3 -in-1.

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I have three of the Inovelli 4 in 1 and never had a problem with the motion. The motion works good for me and seems to be fast reacting to motion when you walk in the rooms that I use them in. They are faster than some of the other motion sensors that I have.


I have a Zooz 4 in 1 and use it as @durable-navy-blue-ot notes, here is my rule

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Thanks for the info.
Maybe, I should get my sensor replaced.

Listen to Scott. If anyone would know this, he would. He's incognito.


If the motion isn't working correctly in battery or usb mode then yes it should be replaced.

If you guys have experience with this sensor, when 'working correctly", can this thing compete in range/speed with say, Iris?

it's a good sensor .. and pretty fast.. But nothing compares to the speed / distance of the iris v2.. The spec on this one is 16 Feet YMMV, that may be a conservative figure..

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Detection Angle 100°
Light Sensor 1~65532lx
Temp/Humidity Accuracy ±1°C/RH ±5%
PIR Detection Range 5m(16ft.)
Battery Life est 2 Years
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For comparison.. the Aeotec multisensor 6 has the same 5m range in their spec

So is Iris V2 one of the best? What is its range and speed?

No idea.. But it’s crazy fast.. Too bad it’s not manufactured anymore

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For Iris, the range is probably the same 5m. Except, when Aeotec put the number in the spec, they did not mean anything in particular. Their motion sensor is blind, deaf and painfully slow. I have a bunch of the Multi 6s but stopped using the motion part long time ago.

I know Inovelli claims 5m range but wanted to confirm that they actually meant it.

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If you think it can do 4-5m, it will be usable for my application. I guess I'll ask for a replacement. Thanks!