Inovelli 4 in 1 Sensor Battery Dead

Just got a inovelli 4 in 1 sensor. I use it to control a bedroom ceiling fan. I noticed the rule wasn't working anymore. Sensor was not responding. I plugged the sensor into usb power and it came back online and started working again. I put a new battery in a few days later and good to go. Long story short the battery that came with the unit only lasted 7 days. The manual says the battery is supposed to last 2 years,

Only changes I made out of the box was to disable the monition detection, and changed the temp report from every hour to every half.

Any idea on how it could have killed the battery after 7 days?

I wouldn't hold the default battery against the device, you never know how long it has been sitting. Give it a fresh one and keep a close eye on it :eye::eye: :point_right:

However to answer your question the battery can be killed quickly buy a weak mesh signal to the device, excessive reporting (don't think this is an issue with your settings), or extreme hot/cold.


I agree. Don't bank on the original battery.

I believe that those can also be usb powered? If it's possible for you, I'd highly recommend that if it's at all possible. I powered my Aeotec multi's and I kind've use those to tell me when something isn't working right since they're mains powered it helps to eliminate a dead battery or a mesh/hub issue because they work in tandem with zigbee motion sensors in my rules. Then you could use the sensor for everything too, which is nice. Just an opinion.

7 days in use in the device.... who knows how many years sitting in a warehouse before boxed for that sensor.....

Like others have said, replace with a new battery.
Then setup the battery to be monitored in Hubitat, and see what happens after a week passes.

Thanks! So what’s the best way to monitor the battery? It died after 7 days but it took 4 or 5 days for me to realize it had stopped responding. If you looked at the device page it would show 100% battery “current temp” and basically look like it was working. Only after looking at the event log did I realize the sensor had not reported Anything for a few days.

I have a inovelli dimmer in the same room and thought about making a rule off battery % to change the led bar if the battery was low. But since the sensor still showed 100% when it died and stopped responding that rule wouldn’t work?


I use Device Watchdog app, I have it set to send me an alert if any of my battery devices get below 20%.

You can set it up with only your inovelli 4 in 1 sensor. Set it up if it goes below 90% and see how long it takes before you get an alert. After that maybe try 80%, and then 70%, just to see if the battery is slowly dropping like normal, or if it's dropping faster than it should.


In addition to what @nkyspike said Device Watchdog can also be used to alert you if devices have not reported an activity at specified interval.


I’m also having short battery life problems with the inovelli 4 in 1. I have three sensors in my house, bought at the same time from inovelli directly. As far as I can tell from the Hubitat device pages, they are all configured the same.

After a few months, one of them is still at 100% on original battery, while the other two are halfway through their second battery. Is there any way I can diagnose the “weak mesh” problem mentioned above?