InfluxDB Logger - Write 3 temperatures from Shelly 1PM


I'm using Influxdb logger to write data from hubitat to an external PC running Influxdb. Works fine.

Just added a Shelly Switch with external temperature sensors --> Also works fine.

But when I tried to get the temperatures from the shelly switch into influxdb it only detects 1 temperature:

Temperature is detected by influxdb logger and written to influxdb , but ext2/3_temperature is not recognized by influxdb.

(Added the Shelly switch under temperature, called Varmtvannsbereder)

Any idea how I could get ext2/3 temperature also included?

I hesitate to point you to my modification because it isn't terribly close to the changes you need but maybe it'll help anyway :man_shrugging:

I think you'll need to add the other temp readings similar to the one that the Logger is doing correctly for you now. But you'll have to put them inside a test for the specific Shelly device because all the other devices won't have them. I strongly suspect there is a better way because I'm not a HE/groovy programmer.

I think it would be cleaner to use node-red then you could get the Shelly temps with a Device node from HE Nodes for NR and write them to your InfluxDB with the InfluxDB Out node.

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