As @erktrek notes - get that driver and install it.

Then temporarily change your Zooz double plug device to that driver. Then you can access those controls to view/set your parameters. Then switch back to the regular Zooz double plug driver. Sorry - dupe of above.


In my case, I set it to 18,1,1 and the logs reflect that, but if I go into the device, it says configValue18 is still 4.

Same...the entry on the Device page below, correct? If so, don't worry about that for now - it seems that the displayed parameter values there don't get updated properly/quickly. I updated mine, verified in the logs early this morning. But mine still says 4 on the Device page. Hopefully when the work week starts @bobbyD can confirm.

I get the following error in the logs when i try the version or parameter reports:

It shouldn't be paired secure.

And you're just clicking on this option from the Device page after changing the driver?
Not entering a parameter number, correct?

2020-12-06 16_32_10-A Zooz Double Plug

Correct, originally I was putting in the parameter number but when I captured those logs I didn't.

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For what it’s worth I have two of these plugs on my c7 for maybe six weeks now.

Both paired with NO security and power reporting threshold disabled and other report cranked to maximum time.

Originally they were both dropping but have been solid now for over a month.

Oops forgot the pic

The Zen15 also has issues with being paired securely. It doesn't take down the mesh (that I can tell) but it doesn't report power. Power reporting is fine if paired unsecurely though.

Seems to be some widespread S2 issues...

I'm not sure it's entirely an HE S2 issue - it may be Zooz and their interpretation of 700 series spec as expressed in their device firmware..

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Odd, I've switched drivers and generated the report about five or six times and it's always worked.

What do you get in the logs when you try to set parameter18?

The Zen15 only support S0 security. S0 has its own issues unrelated to Hubitat. The general recommendation is to pair w/o security or S2.

Also make sure you're running the latest firmware on the Zen15. Pretty sure the latest is 1.06.

On my C4 don't see an issue. All power reports are off. The plug was fine on ST, so I'm guessing something with the new 700 series firmware and the plug

I'm not blaming anyone, except maybe silabs. The 700 series seems to have lots of "quirks". This is one of the times I am glad I still have a C5 in addition to the C7, and that Hubitat didn't "upgrade" that C5 Zwave firmware.


Works perfect with my C5 too. That is how I was able to figure out it was a security level issue.

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This is trying to set the parameter.

Bizarre...maybe @mike.maxwell can help w/this.

I wonder if your device firmware is older (or newer?)..
Maybe the parameter size or type is not correct?

Just spitballin' here.. :baseball:

Is this strictly a C-7 issue or does it impact the older HEs also? On my C-5, I've stayed on and I have 2 of the ZEN25s. I had been holding off on upgrading FW to 2.2.3 because of all the other issues, but wondering if I should defer until this is corrected.

I checked this morning and mine still says 4 on the device properties page.