In-Wall Zigbee Outlets

I have one of the Enbrighten Zigbee outlets (no power monitoring), but even those have disappeared of late.

There used to be one, can't remember the brand, on Amazon, which did even have power monitoring.

Now it's slim pickings.

I came across this, has anyone seen anything else or know if this works with Hubitat?

This one even has power monitoring, apparently


I was surprised by the 'loss' of the Jasco/Enbrighten units. I hope they come back, but it doesn't look good. It appears as if they are pulling them altogether.


Sinope used to have one and as far as I can tell it's gone as well. :frowning:

Here's one that is different...there is a review showing that it works w/SmartThings...but others not, guess I'll leave this here as one to avoid:

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Ya honeywell which are also jasco are gone as well.

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I use the Shelly 1 PM to control and measure energy in some outlets here. Although wi-fi, they're extremely stable and works like a charm with Hubitat. They're very accurate, and were the only reliable option to automate my washing machine I found.

These work: Legrand Radiant WNRR15WH Smart Outlet (Fingerprint)

Although they are expensive. I tend to pick them up on Ebay and Watch Amazon for warehouse deals.



Sounds like no one's tested the ones I linked with Hubitat, but I looked more into those ones and I'm not much into those, either. When you look at the specs/data sheet, the surround is interchangeable but it's not like a standard outlet, and the back of it will only accept one cable by the looks of it.

I guess it's slim pickings out there right now but I don't really understand why. Surely lots of people want built-in zigbee outlets

Thanks for the tip! What are your observations on how these route/repeat?

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Its hard to say really, my mesh is quite heavily populated with repeating devices, on top of which most devices seem to go direct to the hub. So, while I can say they do seem to repeat just fine, and several have routes through them, I can't really say whether they are better/worse/same as the GE/Jascos or Samsungs I have.


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They route and repeat beautifully even when installed outside in my metal shielded (for weatherproofing) boxes. They help bridge the zigbee to the outer edges of my 1 acre property!

I bought 5 of them... lovely units.

Now to figure out how to use the energy monitoring!


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