In Wall power outlet recommedations

Been hunting on the forums and haven’t seen much specifically leaning towards my questions. Most discussions talk about wall plug outlets and the compatibility list needs a bit of refinement in differentiating.

I have a few outlets that I want to replace outright for cosmetic, signal repeating, and use case driven. Two specific use cases is power monitoring and safety of my home server room and several outside outlets that I have.

Any recommendations on in wall outlets (prefer Zwave but will take Zigbee too) that they use for monitoring large power loads and or outside use?

Does anyone have one they may use specifically for repeating for a smart lock?

Thanks in advance.

Outlets are pretty similar, vendor to vendor. There are style elements... for instance I want one that has a button on the front (between the sockets) to turn it on/off.

I've settled on the GE/Jasco

Honeywell is rumored to be Jasco re-branded:

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Thanks, I have those in an Amazon wishlist already. I did notice that most have the same power ratings, which should be enough. I currently use four 10A outlets for my server/switch gear.

If YOU want to go with those, I assume power reporting with these isn’t an issue at present?

I think it's more than just a rumor :wink:

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Not an issue... because they don't report power !! :frowning: They are just On/Off as far as I can tell.

I have these enerwave outlets that I use on a well pump to monitor when the pump is on/ running dry, etc. I have them set to the zoo driver and can view the current watts. I also have them monitoring my server rack to see if something is off.

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Have that exact 2 pack in the wishlist as well. Was that a general recommendation or those are known to be good for power monitoring?

I guess the question now is, does anyone have in wall outlets they use that doesn’t have issues reporting power usage?

I don’t think an outdoor in wall outlet exists. Not a big deal, those aren’t important, but it would help to hit the shed if I put something out there.

Awesome, thanks! I guess I should double check new posts before slowly type a post on mobile lol.

Mine is mounted outside (under an in use cover) works great and never had an issue with range. The zooz driver has been very stable for me.

Great to hear! I assume UPSes are plugged into these or you have individual gear plugged into them?

In my server closet, I have one running a UPS. And I have a wattage alert if it dips below my idle threshold or rises above the historical peak.

That’s very helpful.

I saw some monitor only the “smart” port, so I guess I would need four of these things. :expressionless:

Can’t seem to find if that Enerwave one supports beaming or not. I probably don’t know what I am looking at or looking for on the Zwave Alliance page either. :rofl:

I wouldn’t need beaming for all outlets, but I would like them for the ones upstairs for the future smart locks.

It's beaming, but it does only control/monitor power for one of the two outlets. The top outlet is always on. If you need a bunch close together, you may check out the zooz powerstrip. I think that has 5 individually controllable outlets with power monitoring. I was on sale this week as well. It's much cheaper. These enerwave ones are pricey at $50 a piece.


The two pack is $80, so at that price it’s a little bit cheaper than buying the other brands.

The power strip won’t work for plugging in the four UPSes that I need to.

I think those Enerwaves will do just nicely. Going to pick up a set and see how it goes.

Do these enterwaves repeat the signal? My hub is on one side of my house, and with doing away with my zwave and zwave plus fan switches to replace them with Lutron's new fan switches I'll be losing a large chunk of my zwave and zwave plus mesh. I'm looking for outlets in the wall that will repeat the signal to the other side of the house.

According to the Enerwave and the Zwave Alliance pages these do repeat.

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Will you post your experience? I have two regular z-wave outlets that I want to replace and also add a couple more, and the Enerwaves look good.

I will, it may be a bit before I can get them installed as I have to power down a bunch of things.

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Did you ever get the Enerwaves installed? If so, how are they working?