In-wall network box recommendations, puhleeze?

I'm going to put a switch in the bedroom to provide network feeds to that end of the house. Looking for an in-wall network won't have much in it, just a small Netgear switch that is 4 x 6. w/a few ethernet cables running in/out of it.

I found below on Amazon. Wondering if anyone has a favorite that they have used. This will be a retrofit install, as it's going into an existing wall.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I used one of these to put a ZEN16 in my wall

Thanks. At 3x6 that would be too small for my needs, the switch I need to include in the box is 4x6 by itself. :slight_smile:

I have a couple of the On-Q structured wiring boxes in my walls. Love them.

I'm not familiar with the one you posted, I have a 28" en2850, and a 42" en4250 cabinet. The 28 has my Verizon ODU, a Ubiquiti ErLite 3 router, a Ubiquiti flex nano 5 port Switch, and a poe injector among other things (I think my Tesla gateway is in there too).

Easy to work with, especially if you add the AC outlet and power distribution points in them.

A bit pricey tho, and large.

This might work though:


Thanks, @scottgu3, I missed those options. The 14" one looks like a good size, but not sure I get enough additional utility over the one I found to justify the $85 price tag.

I decided to order the one I posted about above as a "first look" option, It has a simple retrofit mounting system and looks like the size should work for me. Plus it's $35 so I can spend the $50 I save to get some other toys. :slight_smile:

I'm not sure of your wall construction but I've been looking at a timber surround and then using this for access:
Value Access Panel - 300 x 400mm Plastic Hinged: AmazonSmile: DIY & Tools

Thanks for the link. But I can't use that here in the US - it only comes in metric, won't fit in our homes:

"41.8 x 32 x 5 cm; 200 Grams"


Thanks...I'm looking for a box I can just insert into an existing wall, trying to avoid adding any additional structure to the wall.

Yeah, I like the one you found for the realm of retrofit, I think I'm considering one or two. There's a few places where having some "in-wall" space like the one you showed would be crazy useful!


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It arrived today - has a pretty nice feel/heft, and looks like it will work well for me. Larger in person than it seems in the pics on Amazon. :slight_smile: Overall happy with it and looking forward to the remodel getting far enough along that I can install it.

Sitting between a couple studs...the box fits my new construction pefectly, but I tried a couple spots where my orignal (1971) studs were accessible and it did not fit. So we'll see when I try to insert it into the old construction spot where I want it. Might have to shave some studs a little to squeeze it in.

The front cover is held on by tabs, and they are pretty almost feels like you're going to break the cover when you pull it off or put it one, but it holds up well.

Box w/just trim piece on it, "door" removed.

There are lots of cut-outs. :smiley: I'm going to have one plug installed to connect the switch that will be in the box.

The wallboard grabbers (yeah, I made up that name) aren't as robust as I've seen, but look like they will do the job.

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Glad you got it sorted. This is kind of my forte here. I don't personally own one as my structured wiring is to complex for a small enxlosure, I literally have a 10u wall mount rack with a 4" ceiling penetration but....

I have done lots of these with friends. They pay me with beer and hang time...

Those Legrand boxes are really nice to work with...

Just FWIW, the biggest issue I run into with non rack mount type switches / hardware is mounting into a cabinet. They make mounts and your switch should have a couple of mount screw slots. Line them up with the holes in the mount and screw them down securely.

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Thanks for the comments. :slight_smile:

Agree - the switch does have a couple of mount screw slots on the back. The drywall behind the box is inside a closet, so I'm going to attach a small board on the drywall for me to scren into from the other side of the wallboard. Then I can put a couple screws through the open holes at the back of the box directly into the wallboard/backer board in the closet. Then hang the switch on the two screws.

Luckily I have full WAF on the position of the box and "messing up" the inside of the closet, as this is required to ensure she has good network access in the addition. :wink:

Something to note. I typically leave the desktop feet on desktop switches. This allows for sufficient space underneath the switch, assuming it is of course vented on the underside. Many are...

And honestly, even with the little wight of the switch, it is still much better to use a proper mount plate inside the enclosure.

Perfect for smallish switches, modems, routers etc...


Gotta admit, that's looks useful (and darn cute...) :wink:

Well, it is the right way, not the only way, but the right way.

Mind you, even though you CAN, I would not recommend enclosing anything that emits or receives an RF signal like a WiFi router, smart hub WiFi access point etc... You want those as unobstructed as possible.

Yup - all that's going in the box is a switch...I use Unifi NanoHD for Wi-Fi, mounted on a ceiling.

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How many ports on the switch? I'm running 24 ports on my main switch, and 5 port branch switches where the gaming consoles are. I don't really need full gigabit speed to the Wii limited to fast ethernet), the PS4, and the Fire stick.... Mind you I only have branch switches where the multiple devices won't be heavily used simultaneously. I.E. the HE is on a dedicated line back directly to the router, WAP router on main, main switch to router, everything else off of main switch except for example living room (PS4, Wii, Fire stick) Similar setup to master suite, and guest bedroom.

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Just a simple 8-port smart switch from Netgear. It's fed by another smart switch in the family room, which is connected to my ER12.

I'm using the switch to send feeds to two locations in the new addition, one feed behind a couch in case we ever want/need ethernet there, and the other two feeds behind a TV across the room from the couch. One for a dumb switch (that will provide connections to the TV and any other entertainment/IoT appliances there) and the second feed is to connect an additional Unifi AP should I decide I want/need it in the addition.

All my testing so far (pre-wallboard/stucco) is that I won't need an additional AP for the adddion, speeds are 125-150.

Sounds like you are on the right track...

Mind you I love wireless, but wherever I can for IP networks I definately prefer to go wired.... WAY less of a chance something is going to unintentionally interfere with it.

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Yup - pretty much every device I have that has an ethernet option and isn't moving around the house regularly is connected via ethernet. Has the additional benefit of keeping things less disruptive when I'm playing around w/my AP, updating its FW, or adjusting settings. :slight_smile:

I use these for various devices in my cabinets. Love them. There's also some that stand out a bit and let you mount things such that the cables can run beneath them. And the Keystone jack mounts are the bees knees!