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Hi all. So im slowing all my insteon devices with z-wave my hurdle and my best feature of insteon is the 8 button keypad which, I probably use the most and have 3 of them. I googled that but best I could find is a wifi switch that is affordable. I also found one thats like 280$. Does anyone know of a switch in the 70$ price range that will work with HE? and hopefully it does not require extensive setup.
Thanks Rob

Hi @robandchristy1

I’m not exactly clear on what you’re looking for. An in-wall switch that controls 8 circuits? Or a button controller with 8 buttons?

If you want the latter, there are Button controllers with multiple buttons - for example, Aeotec makes a zwave wallmote with 4 pads. You can assign distinct actions to single-tap, double-tap, swipe etc., or just get two? There are also zigbee button controllers with multiple buttons.


In wall switch that controls 8 devices. eg 8 button switch 1 load and 7 linked switches. I dont have room for 2 switches as house was built with 1 opening in the places I used a 8 button, reason I have 8 button, didnt want to hire a contractor. Insteon 8 button filled the void nicely but now need to switch to a z-wave device. Just cant seem to find a 8 button. 6 button ones I think I found 3 but kinda in need of 8 button as I do have specific uses for all 8 buttons.

Maybe it would be easier to understand what you’re looking for now if you tell us which device you’re trying to replace? What’s the model #?

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Insteon 2334-222 Smart Dimmer Plus 8-Scene Keypad, Uses Superior Dual-
Here you go hopefully this makes it easier to understand.

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Looks like it controls a lighting load with one button, and then has seven buttons for activating scenes/automations etc.

So in Hubitat parlance, this would be both a switch (a device that toggles the flow of electricity to a wired lighting load), and a button controller (a device that tells Hubitat someone pushed one of its buttons).

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Got it.

There is no direct replacement for that. However, if you are prepared to setup the button controller such that single taps control 4 devices/scenes, and double-taps control the other 4 devices/scenes, then Zooz makes something that comes very very close to your Insteon devices - the Zen32.


Yes exactly but each button also allows dimmer option.

I would strongly suggest Lutron Picos. They are cheap (around $25.00, with wall plate adapter) and are rock solid reliable. They install in a decora wall plate, but do not require any opening of the drywall. So if you have a single gang switch, just by a two gang wall plate and put the pico beside the switch, no drywall work necessary.

The downside, if you can call it that, is you need to purchase a Lutron Pro Hub ($150.00), but it is well worth the price and it opens up a lot of possibilities for your home.


This does look close wondering why it did not come up in any of my searches. Maybe because I didnt use "scene controller" rather just 8 button keypad. My worry is that my switch gave each button the option to dim. Not sure if this is possible with this switch. More over each button was labeled, where even guests could turn on and off lights. This is the closest suggestion and good price point.

I am assuming you mean each button can dim other lights not physically connected to this device, as long as the other lighting load is controlled by an Insteon dimmer.

Since a button controller does nothing but report button pressed, button held and button released events, you can most likely replicate this function with Hubitat too, but you’d have to create automations that do this.

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Sounds good seeing I need 3 separate keypads but only saw 4 button ones. This is a good replacement but not at 190$ each. Ouch


I know there is a app to convert insteon to HE but was also told it is hit or miss. Just trying to get the whole new setup just to work easily not sure if mixing and matching is a good idea with different platform. HE supports alot, but also come with the step learning curve.

Don't know what you are referring to in your post. Leviton is NOT Lutron. Here is a link to a pico: Pico

They come in different configurations, although the 5 button pico is the most common. Add as many as you need.


That Leviton device is not compatible with Hubitat. Also, it is a scene Controller and doesn’t control a load directly.


I want to second @Stephan.J’s recommendation. Also, those Pico remotes can be wall mounted to look like Decora-style switches, without any need for a work box in the wall.

I love that switch and might use it in other places. Sorry if I sound needy, but all my keypads are located near doors because they control outside lighting and wireless devices do not act as repeaters. BUT thanks for bringing this to my attention. I do have places indoors I definitely can use this switch.

when I get to bedroom this switch will save me grief with gf. She will no longer have to get up and turn lights off, or have to yell at alexa. This was a good idea. Thanks

I would also suggest that you make an overarching plan for your smart home. It is good to take it slow (this stuff can be expensive), but it is also important to have somewhat of an overall plan. Slowly replacing or installing a few devices at a time, can help with successful integrations and pocketbook management. But it can also lead to a less than ideal system further down the road. Many, many people have started slow and realized later in their smart home journey that having a Lutron integration is just to good to pass up. Often they didn't go this route in the beginning because of the extra $150.00 cost for a second hub. It is incredibly rare on this forum to hear of a person who regretted doing a Lutron integration.


Im am taking it slow as many posts did say work from hub outward, so as im ebaying my insteon devices im buying new z-wave devices. Will this setup easily in HE and work in conjunction with HE or will this be its own thing? On a side note is there something that can control a/v. Weather powerful or simple as a button press and tv goes off. I do have harmony hubs installed. Have not googled it yet as Im still getting used to transition. No harm in asking. Before I buy a product Ill regret. EDIT Will I be able to get a lutron device to turn on a z-wave device and vise a versa. Without complex settings, or will this only work with lutron? Thanks

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