In case you missed it: Hubitat announced beta HomeKit compatibility [YouTube]

UPDATED: 11/24/2022

In case you missed last night's Hubitat Live! we announced that Hubitat Elevation is gaining new HomeKit integration.

The extended public beta is now available with the release of 2.3.4 version. For more details, check out this document: HomeKit Integration | Hubitat Documentation.

For the Product of the Week, @mike.maxwell talked about the new "Swiss Army knife" of home automation, the one and only multi-controller by Sinopé, which happens to be on sale for $56.94

After each member of the team shared his technology home automation wish list for the holidays this year, the show ended with a reminder that Hubitat will be present at the CES from January 5-8. Come visit us at booth 50148.


`Wooohooo, amazing.
I've been using Homebridge + the amazing community apps for this, but to be frank keeping a RPI up to date all of the time and relying on it is much harder than it should be for the average user.

This is so awesome that this will be natively supported!! Congrats to the team!


Does this integrate directly to the devices or just to the bridge?

Are all devices integrated in Homekit (including presence from our iPhones) available to HE with this new integration? Or is this only to integrate HE devices to Homekit? I have not setup Homekit yet because did not find a use for it, but thinking of doing so now if it works both ways.

No. Apple doesn't permit that. Although you can setup a virtual Hubitat switch, expose it to HomeKit, and toggle that switch to indicate presence using an automation on Home.


Very Exciting news! I had questions, so I'm watching the video for answers and sharing them here for those who prefer text to video.

The first thing I wonder is whether this means actual apple homekit certification, and according to the video - Yes, that's the plan. During the initial 'extended public beta' expect a warning from homekit that this isn't a certified integration, but they are working through the process to get apple certification for the full release.

Homekit support does not require a homekit hub device (AppleTV or Homepod), but it is recommended for a better experience. That's true for homekit in general, not a limitation of the hubitat integration.

I'm looking forward to finding out more about the capabilities and limitations, as well as seeing how it's implemented. One thing I'm particularly interested in that I haven't yet heard an answer to is whether this will be a 2 way integration. Will hubitat be able to see and interact with native homekit devices, as opposed to just making hubitat connected devices visible to homekit? For homekit only devices like my circle view doorbell and Schlage Encode Plus lock, that would be huge.

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Apple doesn't permit this now. But it might change down the road .... when Matter becomes widely used.


This is great news. Been using Homebridge V2 for a while now and it's been amazing. It would nice to be able to use my RPI for something else other than Homebridge. We'll have to wait and see if I can do everything I used to be able to do with Tonesto7's app before I commit

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When will the update drop?

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Unfortunate, but what can you do? Got to play by their rules.

It's still helpful to be able to expose hubitat connected devices to homekit, and I can probably accomplish most of what I want using virtual switches as suggested above, it will just be a bit more complicated.



The Homebridge V2 app has "Capability Filtering" that I've used on some devices to remove the temp from a virtual multipurpose sensor for example. You can also specify the type of device you want your device to appear as in Homekit (e.g.: Virtual switch exposed to homekit as a "fan").

I totally read @NeighborGeek 's post wrong and thought he was asking what you can do with the existing homebridge app. Oh well I'm leaving it :slight_smile:

Sound like this doesn't yet replace Homebridge...

It does for everything except barrier devices, for which Apple only permits direct integrations. If you don't use barrier devices in Home, then there's no more need for Homebridge.


Or LAN/cloud devices, which Apple thinks should have their own direct integrations. :slight_smile:

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Love it!

What's considered a barrier device? Locks & Garage doors?

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