In-canopy Z Wave Ceiling fan control

No one seems to make this so I used two zooz zen52 double relays replacing the pull chain switches in the fan. First relay circuit 1 for the light, circuit 2 for fan speed high. The second relay provides 3 speeds below high (med, med-low, and low) dependent on which switch is on or both. A virtual fan controller and rule machine put the speed selections all in one device. Seems to work very well. Please do not burn your house down.

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I waited a long time for a canopy based ZWave Fan Control and never found one. I settled for the Zigbee Hampton Bay ones.. I have 4. They have a reputation of being horrible unless the area is saturated with repeaters. They deserve that reputation and they are no longer available.

At one time I had plans to get a 2-gang outlet box and mount a regular in-wall ZWave dimmer. plus an in-wall ZWave Fan Controller. I'd mount it up in the attic over the fan mount and wire it in. The physical buttons would never be touched.

I did buy a couple of the GE In-Wall Fan Controllers but instead used them in a single gang box as dumb table fan controllers. I took an extension cord, split it with the Fan Controller in the middle. I have two of them controlling "portable fans" that can be tied into temp sensors to control the speed. Every room has at least one temp sensor in it, so it's pretty easy to change, although what really matters is upstairs or down, since down is much cooler. The room to room delta is not that great and I don't need sub degree granularity :smiley: