Import RM


Coming from the piston world...

  1. Is there a repository of RM for users to adapt?

  2. Is there a way to export and import RM?


No, there is not a repository nor a way to export/import. There is a way to clone an existing rule in your system, but no facility for sharing with others.


Guess I'm looking for some ideas with RM...


What is it you want to do?


Well, I'm wanting to do an Away from Home routine. Turn off Water Main Valve, set Away routines for bulbs, Arm motion detectors to send email & SMS, set Ecobee to Away.

Was looking for ideas. On my old ST I had slightly modified an existing piston and it ran well...


My suggestion would be to start with managing your modes. Install Mode Manager, and get it working for you. That's what will put your system into Away mode if you are using presence sensors (e.g. mobile app).

Next step would be to setup Hubitat Safety Monitor for notification of motion active when you're away. HSM can be auto-armed by Away mode.

Look at Thermostat Scheduler as it has the ability to control thermostats when Away happens.

For whatever else needs to be done, use Rule Machine. Rule Machine can respond to mode changes, presence sensors, HSM events, and can control Thermostats and Thermostat Scheduler.