Im New to HE and got question

Hi Everyone im new to HE and smart home i have a little wifi setup with some wifi outlet,a led strip, google nest hub and a sensibo all working with google home. Im now waiting for some zwave and zigbee device. I was wondering if i can integrate Google and still use my wifi setup??? Or if i have to start it over

Now ive already try to integate sensibo from a post that i found on this community now i dont know if the post is still up and running since ive asked for help there but still got no answer yet... I did import the lastest app and driver code. It looks like everything is working i can even put it on my dash board but when i try to raise or lower the temperature my unit" beep" but the screen on it goes blank, when i turn the screen back on with the original remote the temperature just didnt change . Well if anyone here did this integration and could help me it would be appreciated

If you have advice for a beginner dont hesitate to throw them here i am really willing to learn

We really need to know exactly what you have wifi based to even start to look at if it can be integrated.

It is possible some of them may have drivers written, but sone may not either. Allot of wifi based solutions use proprietary backends that may not be easily integrated.

My smart outlet are prime wire brand and im guessing its tuya based but im not worried about them since i will probably flash them to tasmota.

I dont think there is an integration for my govee led strip either

My real struggle is really about the sensibo integration is it possible that the api is already in use by my Google home or something like that???

Is supported -- search Govee here

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As Evilborg pointed out there is a Govee integration for their Smart Wifi strips(it can actually do other Govee devices to). You may want to check out the thread for to confirm your specific device is available for use. You may also find that some functions don't work as you would expect like the app on your phone. Simply put my H6104 TV Light Strip can turn on and off fine, set the color, but can't adjust color temp. That isn't a limitation of the Strip, but the API just not functioning as expected. But try it out and let the thread now how well it works for your model device.

As far as Sensibo goes that may be a question that needs to be asked of them. I personally wouldn't expect a API to be locked to only one device as I have a Ecobee that is attached to Smartthing, Hubitat, and Google Home. Have you enabled all of the live logging stuff for the Sensibo app and drivers so you can review what hubitat is doing, getting back, and if any errors occur.


How or where do i enable those log???

So what exactly is an api??? At first i though he could not communicate with wifi device at all since it doesnt have a wifi chip...srry for the noob question but i really want to understand all of this!!!

And thx for your work on the govee post i just ask for my api

If the integration allows for it to be turned on and off it will be in the program and device handler. Setup options.

Live logging can be viewed from the menu on the left of the hubitat web ui. Click on the hamburger icon in the upper right and then click on logs. From there you should be able view current and recent past activity for apps if they have logging enabled.

API stands for application program interface. This generally used for a standard someone writes for internal or external things to access its functions. So an API for Sensibo is something Sensibo created to interact with their device.

Wifi is just a technology to connect to a local area network(LAN) wirelessly. The hubitat is connected to your home network over ethernet which is a physical connnection. Physical is prefered because of reliability generally. The underlying network is the same as long as no funny business is happening. For that reason they should be able to talk to each other. That doesn't mean they will though. Hubitat may still need to talk to the Sensibo cloud so that it can tell your locla device to do something. That is how the Govee integration works. We send the command to the govee cloud and then it tells the govee device to do an action.