I'm 30 minutes into my Hubitat

Unboxed, set up, updated, went through the examples, got my Hue hub linked, made a rule that turns on/off one bulb when another is turned on/off.

My current mood...


Where have you been all my home automated life?

I'm so happy to be done with the mishmash of trying to control different things across 5 different apps and devices.

My Lutron integration is up next. It'll be a chore though because first I have to move everything to my new Pro Bridge. Ugh.

Any pointers on that, on migrating from an old Lutron Bridge to the Pro Bridge?


I reset my dimmers/switches/picos one room at a time and then paired them to the Pro bridge.

After pairing all your current Lutron devices, put the Picos you want to use as Hubitat button controllers in a room by themselves (without any switches/dimmers). That way any button presses will only trigger Hubitat automations, and not any unintended Lutron targets.

Also, follow Lutron Integrator instructions in the Hubitat Documentation ....



Sadly, no - it's just a manual slog of a do-over -- BTDT when I got my hubitat too.

But I promise it's worth it -- early on (even w/ the Pro bridge), I wasn't convinced I'd really use "unrestricted" Picos much if at all, but they are really awesome... I use 7 of them now, so having that capability has proven to be a huge win. Plus, Lutron's just snappier overall with the telnet integration.

Welcome aboard! :+1:


Gets even better with the upcoming LEAP integration if the Home Assistant LEAP integration is anything to go by. Perhaps, we'll get support for CasΓ©ta motion sensors.


And I'll chime in with my normal, "When pairing z-wave devices, if you have a failed pairing, STOP. Go to your z-wave settings page and check for ghosts. They will not have anything in the route column. Remove the entry. Exclude the physical device (I prefer to factory reset it) Then attempt pairing again. For locks, bring the lock and the hub within 3 feet of each other to pair. " Oh and when you're ready, we'll teach you the secret for fast shutdown of all your lutron switches without popcorning....

Welcome to Hubitat!


Welcome! Excellent choice on Lutron.

I'll add my two cents of advice. Read these before starting to build out your zwave or zigbee networks. I did not, and I paid for it with a lot of extra frustration and re-work.




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