Lutron RadioRa3 announced / Integration with LEAP

Hi Mike,

I'm looking at a RA3 system and a Hubitat... currently under construction. Hopefully you all received those RA3 repeaters, or will have them in-hand soon. Will you be able to report out your preliminary findings to us, and if so are you thinking that is weeks or months out?


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we don't even have the repeaters yet...

For what it is worth, I ordered my RA3 processor last week, and it arrived. Hope you all have received or will receive yours soon. If you would be so kind as to feed us some hints about your initial findings (looking promising or not), that would be very helpful. In my case, I'm trying to determine if I jump to the RA3 only Sunnata Dimmers or the older Maestro. Have one of each, and would probably go Sunnata if there is an inkling of being able to use Hubitat or HA.

I received my RA3 Processor from my Lutron dealer yesterday and migrated everything from RA2 over pretty easily. Then I realized there's no Control4 driver for it yet, so I ended up having to put it back to the RA2 Main Repeater for the time being. The RA3 Processor is insanely small, like it feels like wow I just paid all that for this hollow piece of plastic lol.

The Sunnata dimmers are really nice, but not as good as the Maestro ones it seems. In my family room I have 10 pots, and the one farthest from the dimmer itself flickers on low brightness, or if you up and down it quickly. That was on a RRD-6NA I think it was, going by memory. I hoped the Sunnata dimmer would fix it, but it was actually a bit worse I found which was disappointing. However, the light bar control is realllllly slick, like you can use your finger and fine tune the brightness exactly to the level you want instantly. And of course now they are a rocker so much easier. I'm going to switch any RA2 dimmers that are used frequently to raise/lower out with Sunnata, but the rest of them that are never touched and only used by keypads I'll keep at RA2 as not a big enough difference.

Did you try both forward and reverse phases? Not highly likely to make a difference, but worth a try.

LEAP protocol integration is progressing, it for sure isnt going to make the 2.3.1 release.
I have a Sunnata dimmer, switch and two keypads on order for testing...
I'm in great health, but still had a heart attack when i saw the keypad pricing...



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That's encouraging news, even for us Caséta users. Because it exposes devices like motion sensors that aren't exposed via telnet.


What do you mean? The pricing I got from my dealer is the same as RA2 keypads and still cheaper than my Control4 ones since engraving is included in the Lutron cost.

I did yeah. It was on reverse by default and it wouldn’t even function, the LEDs flash on the dimmer to indicate wrong phase.

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Thanks for the update, Mike - that is great to hear. Sounds like overall positive news!

FWIW, the pricing I'm getting at the electrical supply is the same on the Sunnata keypads as the RA2 keypads, though of course they don't have the hybrids available yet.

Agree, this is great news. As a new Hubitat user who is doing a new home build I’ve been struggling on whether I should just plan on Radio RA2 or Radio RA3. I will definitely follow the discussion.

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Is it looking good enough to think its worth me buying the Ra3 stuff at this point? I am about to pull the trigger on several Ra2 PRO and remote/companion.

I would be surprised if LEAP integration was in the next platform update, which I believe is about to enter beta testing very soon.

However, given the rapidity with which @bravenel and the Hubitat team generate platform advances, I would also be surprised if it didn't happen within 2022.

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We have no schedule for RA3 support, nor has it been determined that we will support LEAP. We have some work going on, but don't read into that anything specific.


Thank you. I will continue to buy the trusted Ra2!


Sticking with RR2 is my decision as well - I know it's rock solid, both in and of itself and with Hubitat. I've got enough going on with building up a new house without being an unpaid Lutron beta tester.


I'm in a similar situation. I did speak to someone at Lutron who indicated their intent is to make integrations more broadly available, not just to their partners. However, their first priority is on getting the partner integrations fully functional - so it will be a ways out. Of course, there are no guarantees. This conversation was worthy enough to lead me down the RA3 vs RA2 path.

Lately I have been mixing RA2 select and Caseta to do my bigger homes anyway. I will not consider RA3 unless Hubitat is integrated in to LEAP.

If they want our business they will have to open up the protocol or make Hubitat a partner.


I have been hearing that Leap is a custom version of SSH with a similar interface to telnet. Does anyone have more information?

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