I'll level with you. This is one clever smart lock

Very cool design.

Level Lock Review: The Invisible HomeKit Smart Lo…: https://youtu.be/3FZhEb6sdKA


@zarthan has that lock. Unfortunately, it doesn't come in a z-wave/zigbee version ....

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Yeah, just BT. That is a shame. Maybe in the future...


THAT is pretty cool. Love to see that tech improve. I'd buy one. Says you can use it with a homekit hub, but I would assume it would need to be close to the lock at all times. I'm not an iProduct user, so I'm out.

Yeah me too. I don't use any Apple products :slight_smile:

If they had a Zigbee one I'd buy it in a heartbeat. It's such a lovely compact design.


I have a houseful of Apple products and I still don't think it would work here.

Searching for Level Lock + BT range I got:

To access your lock remotely:
Make sure your lock is in Bluetooth range of your home hub, and...

My Home Hub is about as far away from a door, that needs a lock, as possible. Now technically BT is 300' (100m) but it's also 2.4gig (2.45) and thus is not going to pass through walls, floors, doors, etc. as easily as other products.

The same argument I've posed for buying Hubitat Hubs on speculation applies with Level Lock, but MORE. At $229 I'm not going to buy one and HOPE that it works. With Hubitat, you buy the hub and then have to spend a day building out a mesh just to find out it's wonderful. The Level Lock would fit in one specific door I have that can't be solved with any other lock option I've seen. But still $229 (plus shipping, both ways if I don't like it,) is a step too far at this point in time. :slight_smile:


I actually have 4 of them. The BT range is pretty short and the lock or rather the software is still in its early stages. The hardware is outstanding. A real shame you can't touch it once it is installed. I have almost a year out of a single CR2 battery and it still shows "full". I wish there was an alternative to Homekit as I do not use HK. Hopefully in their future developments they will add a bridge or some other way to integrate with other platforms.
I said that the BT range is rather short but I should add that my devices are inside steel doors and in one case behind a Kwikset non smart keypad lock. I was amazed that I got 20 feet.


I think that's my 'hurdle' -- the radio is inside the metal housing that is inside the door, which is then covered by the metal Knobs and metal door hardware. It certainly isn't a faraday cage, but it's halfway there :slight_smile:


Apple Homekit and Bluetooth, lost me at that point. I have been tying to stay with Zwave for switches and locks and Zigbee for battery powered buttons and door contacts and bulbs.


Totally agree with you. I am hoping to repurpose the Level locks for my gates. That is a big hope.

I have two of them. Never had any range issues actually never even thought about it. I have an ipad I use as the homehub. Also working well in arrive/leave automations although you do have to confirm the automation.

The freaking deadbolt is almost hollow. The design is amazing, but BT? come-on !


If you have Homebridge connected to HE, create a virtual switch on HE. Make two HomeKit automations to flip the virtual switch on/off as the lock locks/unlocks. Make two more HomeKit automations that lock/unlock the lock when the virtual switch turns on/off. You can now follow and control the lock in HE by the virtual switch.

You can now create HomeKit arrive/leave automations without the nuisance HomeKit confirmations they require when controlling locks via automation rules, by flipping the virtual HE switch instead of controlling the lock directly.....

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Hmm smart. Guess I better connect my homebridge to HE thanks :+1:

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...but what's the fun in not having a huge, glow-in-the-dark lighted keypad so that you can show off to all your friends how you're living in the "future"??


J/K - I do love the innovative design, and would like to see a Zigbee/ZWave version of that to try out sometime.

@iharyadi is working on a Bluetooth gateway curious if maybe it would work with locks. @iharyadi?


It is a possibility the BLE gateway that I am working on can connect to the lock. Homekit use BLE as one of the transport.

However, I do not have any of the lock to even evaluate the possibility. There is possibly a unique pairing to secure the lock that prevent gateway like mine to connect easily. Perhaps not. I could not really tell. If someone can dig in whether a generic BLE central can pair. Working with the lock by writing or reading BLE attribute should be do able.


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IIRC, Apple used to require HomeKit-specific security chips that only they made/sold for any device to be HomeKit certified. I recommend doing lots of homework before wasting your time, to see if/what others have done.....

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If someone with deeper knowledge of Homekit can point us to the right direction, I can use some help.

From my end, I see the folks at homeassitant can control some of the homekit accessories with the “Works with HomeKit”. Refer to

In particular the lock.

All those characteristic are familiar to me. I don't have any knowledge of python. I also do not have any device. If someone can dig around and find whether there is pairing process prior to the code in the lock, I would be interested to learn about that process. Assuming that there is none, that code in lock.py is something that you can do using BLE gateway.

BTW, this assumption is almost 100% wrong. If this is the case, I can come to any home with homekit lock and issue those characteristic to open their door. So, there is a piece of code somewhere else that pair HA with the accessories. If we know that, we should be close.

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