Ikea trip: What to buy?

Kris, if you were going to make a dedicated driver, please go ahead - I will help! : )

It will take me some more time to come up with a driver ready to be tested by others, as I have started a big project trying to gather all my code into a single driver for all Tuya devices, ready and waiting for the time when Hubitat will implement the many times requested Dynamic Capabilities feature in HE.

Ikea VINDSTYRKA Air Quality Monitor uses the standard clusters for the temperature and the humidity, so these work out of the box. Temperature sensor accuracy is only 1 deg. (no decimal part). The Humidity sensor is extremely sensitive however, the relative humidity starts to rise quickly just 2-3 seconds after I put my hand at the back of the device!

The pm2.5 reports are sent from 0x042a cluster, you need to bind and configure the reporting intervals :

zigbee.configureReporting(0x042a, 0, 0x39, 30, 60, 1)

The tVOC numbers (0..500) are also available, but I can't configure the reporting interval in any way! : ( The device bombards the hub with data every single second! :frowning:

So tVOC reporting is disabled this way :

["zdo unbind 0x${device.deviceNetworkId} 0x${device.endpointId} 0x01 0xfc7e {${device.zigbeeId}} {}", "delay 251", ]

An interesting reading on what is VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds ) index :

What is inside Ikea's VINDSTYRKA : (link)

Youtube video :

tVOC testing:


I will be using this table to map the airQualityIndex to airQualityLevel :

Source : www.airnow.gov

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I think this is the one that my frient uses.

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Wow, do you live in the mountains? :slight_smile: AirQualityIndex: 1 :exclamation:

Here are mine :

And this was a test, blowing some cigarette smoke toward the Ikea sensor:

VINDSTYRKA says: smoking is Very Unhealthy! :sweat_smile:


The updated new link to the 'VINDSTYRKA Air Quality Monitor' driver is :


If the device was already paired to HE, it is always best first to delete it (REMOVE DEVICE red button at the bottom of the device page) and then pair it again. This driver should be automatically selected. VINDSTYRKA pairs very quickly and without any problems to both C-7 and C-8 hubs!

The driver is in a rather untested alpha stage, but it works (at least at my environment : ) ) .
The default Preferences should look like this:

The pm2.5, temperature and humidity are reported automatically by the sensor. The air quality (tVOC) is retrieved periodically as configured in the preferences.


I'm in the US, and I've bought their inexpensive repeaters and outlet modules. The outlets are inexpensive but pretty large, so I've now opted to buy the Sonoff brand which is more compact. One rather expensive purchase was a IKEA Fuytur Blind which I've paired with Hubitat through Zigbee. These blinds work very well, but they only come in one color (gray). The rechargable battery for the blind seems to work for several months. Although IKEA also sells remote button controllers, I don't think any of them work very well (or at all) with Hubitat. If only IKEA sold cheap door/window sensors.

I installed the alpha driver today and it seems to be working, but I'm seeing the airQualityLevel going from Good to Moderate to Unhealthy without any indications on the unit's display that anything is wrong. Is the aQL reported directly from the sensor or is it interpreted from some values it reports?

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Guess what I'm buying next time I goto Ikea now. :smiley:

Any idea does it act as a repeater?

It's showing up in the "Neighbor Table Entry" section of the getChildAndRouteInfo, so I think it is a repeater.

Neighbor Table Entry
[IKEA Air Quality Monitor, 71E9], LQI:251, age:3, inCost:3, outCost:1
[IKEA repeater 2, B45A], LQI:254, age:3, inCost:1, outCost:3
[IKEA repeater 1, D780], LQI:254, age:4, inCost:1, outCost:1

I just picked one up at IKEA Philadelphia (Columbus) after ordering it online. I tried every imaginable way to add it to Hubitat but no luck. Then again, I have one device added to Hubitat, my Bali blinds, and have never been able to get that set up right. But at least it's added. So I'm kind of a newb, and perhaps there will be a way to make this work, but it would probably require me learning how to manually add the driver listed above in the thread. I look forward to digging into that this weekend. thx

How did you install the device after you added the driver code? I was able to get the code saved, but am now unsure of how to proceed with adding the device.

BOOM! I figured it out, by READING! I know, crazy. What is this 2004 or something? Anyway, this article : How to Install Custom Drivers | Hubitat Documentation was very helpful. Added it as a virtual device, scrolling to the very bottom to find the driver under USER drivers.

Of course, this brings up the next problem. This definitely wont work with HomeKit, but I cant get Hubitat to function as the gateway for the IKEA smart home app, nor can I get the Vindstykra to provide readings in Hubitat. I went into apps and added it as authorized for dashboards, but I tried various options under Template (temp, humidity, multi sensor) and none of them show any of the data from the device. Once again, I've run aground...

Make sure you have actually paired the VINDSTYRKA to Hubitat hub.

Switch the hub into Zigbee pairing mode (Devices->Add Device->Zigbee->Start Zigbee Pairing.
Then quickly press the device pairing button (the smaller one on the top) 4 times. Almost all Ikea devices are paired by pressing a button 4 times, unlike most of the other brands.

The VINDSTYRKA driver should be selected automatically after few seconds. Type in a name, and the pm2.5, temperature, humidity, airQuality, etc... should show up on the device page after few seconds.

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The numerical value of the airQualityIndex is reported (polled) from the device.
The direction of the airQuality change (increasing or decreasing or not changing) is shown on the LCD display with an arrow pointing up, down or to the right :

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Sure enough, after looking at the device info and the logs, I realized it wasn't really connected, but rather just showing up as a potentially connectable device. Although I had tried the 4 button push pairing method before, I hadn't gotten it to work (as I probably didnt combine it with the Pair Zigbee manually method), which sent me down the virtual device path. Anyway, all good now, I woke up, tried your method and it connected right away. Thanks!

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Pittsburgh.... Sweden.... There much the same in terms of climate... aren't they....?

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If I understand it correctly, if my air quality is super-unhealthy but not changing, the device will show an arrow pointing to the right and no indication that the air is unhealthy. It seems odd that there isn't any indication on the display of what the current air quality is. I assume there would be some indication in the Ikea app that the air quality is bad if this was connected to their hub and app, but an alert on the device itself seems like a useful thing to have.

Well in Pittsburgh You can have spring in the morning, winter by noon, then a tsunami for dinner... And that's just an average day in western pa.. Air quality sucks year round lol

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I mean a few weeks ago we literally went from 80's, to 40s with rain and snow flurries.

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