Ikea trip: What to buy?

I don't get to Ikea often since it's about an hour drive. But, I'll be going there in a week or so. What are the best HE compatible Ikea devices that are worth buying while I'm there? I have no specific needs, but I always enjoy playing with new stuff. Drop your favorites here!


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I have a few of the TRÅDFRI Wireless control outlets that are pretty cheap and work well. They're bigger than I wish (you can't put two in the same outlet pair), but they work well. I also have some of the rolling blinds, but they're kind of expensive and have to fit in your window openings. So probably not a good thing to pick up randomly on a whim.

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These are no longer available in North America.

The next best is the outlet, which acts as a Zigbee repeater too (and apparently has better signal strength then the dedicated repeater.

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Symfonisk speakers. Basically Sonos, but cheaper.



+1 for symfonisk speakers. Good for completely local TTS announcements with Hubitat via the Sonos integration.


Wait in april to get the new VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor. Don't know if it will be compatible with Hubitat though.


If Zigbee2MQTT guys manage to make it work, consider it working very soon with Hubitat too! : )


+2. Excellent for TTS notifications as @marktheknife says.

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The outlets used to be a good value but more feature rich outlets are now available in the same price range.
i.e. Sengled and Third Reality.

Some people have had good luck with the TRÅDFRI LED drivers 10W/30W (but they do come with custom wiring).

While not HE compatible, if you have a Qi capable phone, the NORDMÄRKE Wireless charger white/cork are nice for flush mounting. And check out the KOPPLA power bars.

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Also check out the Livboj pads (if you have them in the US), Cheap as chips and great for charging things like wireless earbuds etc.

These too. For some reason power boards with longer leads are simply getting harder to find.

Yep - works great with Hue bridges. Under cabinet light bars, round LED pucks for in cabinet lighting etc

Basically just their Symphonisk speaker line. Their value/quality dont seem all that competitive anymore. I do love their big blue "tarp" bags. Great for carrying a bunch of smaller grocery bags at once.

I’m enjoying the discussion. I have 8 echos that I use with Echo Speaks so I’m not sure how I would use the Symfonik speakers.



I have 12 of their blinds/shades, half a dozen bulbs, a GU10 bulb for over the sink.

I dislike meatballs. Reminds me of meatloaf (not the singer)


Does anyone know if the Ikea VINDSTYRKA is compatible with Hubitat C8?

Minor note on these - they work fine (I have a couple) but assuming the only difference between the US and the UK ones is the socket prongs they don't have an on/off switch on the outlet itself. They can only be turned on and off via Zigbee.

That's not a problem for many use cases, but might be an issue with others.

True of the US ones.

IMHO, they only have 2 things that make them worthwhile: they are cheap Zigbee repeaters and they help keep my Aqara/Mijia devices connected to my mesh.

Other than that, they are huge and lack a button to turn on and off.

No, Ikea VINDSTYRKA uses custom clusters for tVOC index reporting

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Do you know if a community driver could be created to support theses differences?

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