Ikea Symfonisk Sound Remote Gen 2

Hi, bought one of these to mess about with and ultimately hope to use as a remote for some Sonos speakers, and really trying to avoid buying the Ikea Dirigera hub. Has anyone played with one and had any luck? I can get it to pair with HE but that’s as far as I get

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Is yours this one?

That’s the one!

With the default ‘Device’ driver assigned and byte Debug preference switched on, do you see anything in the live logs when you press the buttons?

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It’s looking like a no, I guess that’s not good news :slightly_frowning_face:

You can try to manually assign this driver. It does not support this remote, but may show some more info.

Then delete the device from HE ( 'REMOVE DEVICE' red button at the bottom of the web page).
Pair it as a new device.
There will be a 'Device Info' hyperlink - please copy and paste here all the information from the popup window (before you give the device a name).

Assign the Tuya driver once again (it will not be automatically selected). Then try again pressing the keys..

I don't expect there will be much difference, but try again with the Debug logging turned on - anything in the live logs?

Hi, thanks yet again. As you guessed there's still nothing in the logs with the suggested driver either before or re-creating the device I'm afraid. Here's the pairing info as requested, and thanks again for your persistence!

Device pairing info

Manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
Endpoint 01 application: 10
Endpoint 01 endpointId: 01
Endpoint 01 idAsInt: 1
Endpoint 01 inClusters: 0000,0001,0003,0020,1000,FC57
Endpoint 01 initialized: true
Endpoint 01 manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
Endpoint 01 model: SYMFONISK sound remote gen2
Endpoint 01 outClusters: 0003,0004,0006,0008,0019,1000,FC7F
Endpoint 01 profileId: 0104
Endpoint 01 stage: 4
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Shameless link to my driver for this exact device, in case someone else ends up here looking for the same thing:

Have fun!


Dan, are you using TRVs for heating control ?

The winter season is a few months away, and there is a need for an Aqara thermostat enhanced driver for Hubitat... :sweat_smile:

I have an underfloor hot water distributor, but currently it is not controlled (I can heat all rooms or no rooms by on/off-ing the heat source), so I am actually looking for a reliable thermo actuator device to play with.

Not sure that this is what you were referring to...

Replied here.

Hi there, could someone confirm if this driver works without the need for a firmware update (requiring the purchase of a £60 ikea hub) or if the firmware is available through hubitat?

I am keen to get a couple but before I splash the cash I just wanted to check they are not going to sit in the draw marked "should have asked first" which is already full.

Mine worked perfectly straight out of the box with no firmware updates (and no IKEA hub!)

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Amazing - thank you

Replying in case you weren't aware: A fair number of Ikea devices now support firmware updates through Hubitat directly. Here's the post:

[GUIDE] IKEA Firmware Updates

All thanks to the good people at Ikea and @dandanache!