Ikea Symfonisk remote! On French Ikea. Zigbee!

IKEA has 365 day returns in the US and Canada if for some reason you cannot get this to work, but I’ve removed it and paired it several times on both my HE hubs and it worked equally well on both. One of my hubs is running 2.1.3.x and the other is running the very latest (beta).


Hold for 10 seconds factory resets and that probably kicks off a pairing on the TRÅDFRI Gateway, so for their intended use, that would be what they want.

Used @bertabcd1234 Dimmer Button Controller with them and they work really well. Just used his raise by 10 on button 4 / dim by button 5 and it ain't bad. I think i'll have to try to repair though, cause I noticed the double events as well.

I am totally new to HE (arrives today), can I get my Symfonisk remote to control my Sonos speaker via HE rather than using the Tradfri gateway? I have far too many hubs!

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Yes. That is what has been accomplished with this driver. The device can be setup with the built-in (but not installed by default) button controller app. However, in some of my examples, I am also using a community app by @stephack called Advanced Button Controller (ABC for short). It is excellent. Very simple and fast to setup button devices, such as the Symfonisk Sound Controller, which is presented fully as a button controller to the system with the above driver.

I have gone a step further with my system and used multiple rules to "trick" the controller into functioning with smooth volume control. The end result is a digital dial, that feels like you are using an analogue volume knob.

Since you're new to HE, I'll explain that you can easily do what I've done with multiple rules and not see any performance degradation on HE. Rule's are free, as @bravenel (the creator of rule machine and one of the founders of Hubitat) has often said. Having said that, someone with better RM chops than I have, could probably take those 6 rules for the Symfonisk sound controller smooth volume and make it into fewer, or maybe even one rule.

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@SmartHomePrimer great thanks, i'll give it a go

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Well that was easy! Set my remote to work with my Play:5 in the same way it was using the Tradfri gateway, using the above driver and ABC app. The default button app isn't available anymore, it just says use the rule machine, tried that and didn't have a clue what was going on, not very user friendly!

Anyone know what action button 6 relates to? Is it possible to detect holding the button so I can assign that to mute?

Hold isn’t supported. Button 6 is when the dial is not moved. So if you setup smooth dimming, a turn of the knob in one direction will start increasing for example, and then when you stop turning the knob, the dim level will stop increasing, and vice versa for the other direction.

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@SmartHomePrimer Are your batteries draining really quick? Mine are lasting only a handful of days.

No, just pulled it at tested. Still reads !00%. Might be a bad pairing. Working, but drains the battery. I've had that with other Zigbee devices before.

Don't delete from HE, just factory reset and re-pair. If it acts the same, you might have a faulty device.

This is a common problem. The device is defective. Return it for another. I've read people saying about 2 out of every 5 have defective battery drain. The quality of these devices is not high.

That’s unfortunate to hear. They feel much better built than what they had before with the puck dimmer, and response is better. Too bad they’re still having QC issues.

One thing I have noticed is that when my Play:5 is grouped to another Sonos speaker then the remote does not work at all. Is that resolvable?

Ok so do I still need the driver mentioned here or does hubitat have "native" support by now? Because hubitat doesnt recognize any button presses or turns so far.....

Also will I be able to control my sonos speakers volume with this via hubitat?


Try repairing. Don't delete the device but do a factory reset (press the button underneath 4 times) and then go into device discovery and look for the device again. This time it will be able to send the button events.

The driver for your Sonos speakers doesn't have the Start level Change and Stop Level Change commands does it? Then you can try but it's not going to work well. You can try an app like mirror but you're going to run into issues. Since the native hubitat driver doesn't support receiving any commands for the virtual device, you can't modify the level of the remote without turning the dial. So, if you cranked your volume on your speakers via the remote, then turned the volume down from hubitat, if you went to turn the volume up from the remote, it would already be very high so the volume would just up past all the levels in the middle. Another limitation of not having the command implemented for the native Hubitat driver. I let Hubtiat know but they aren't going to update it.

Thanks for your answer. I just tried to reset it and it reconnected to hubitat. Still no reaction, though.....it seemed to work the first time I used it but it didn't respond well.....

It's a pity I cant use it for my speakers.....the ikea hub is a mess....

Hi again,

I believe my sonos sound controller is working now. Can you help me to create a rule that makes me able to control (dim and switch on/off) my hue lights with it? So turning it left should dim the lights down, turning it right should make them brighter. Pushing it would turn them on or off.....is this possible?

Edit: one issue Im still having is that sometimes (not always) level change wont stop. Meaning that if I turn it just a bit it won't stop increasing until it reaches 100....

Use RM and choose button device. Map the buttons as explained here.

Use Button 6 for stop increasing

Thanks. I bought a couple of controllers. The first one I tried now works fine. The only thing that still bugs me is the fact that everything takes much longer to respond compared to switching my lights on via dashboard or hue dimmer. I kind of get that "smartthings cloud control" feeling when I turn on my lights via symfonisk controller (about 1 sec of delay)....is that due to the driver?