Ikea STYRBAR remote control

I came across this today on the Ikea website. I've not seen it before. Is it new?
STYRBAR remote control.
The stainless steel version looks FAB for £12. They do a white plastic one too for £7.50

It's zigbee (I checked) but whether it'll work outside of Ikea's platform is anyone's guess.

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Looks like it works with Zigbee2MQTT, ZHA (in Home Assistant), and DeCONZ: IKEA Styrbar Remote Control (Stainless) (E2001) Zigbee compatibility. If it's like Ikea's other products, it's unlikely to work directly with Hubitat (though an integration with one of those solutions would work) because it relies on group broadcasting, e.g., to a controlled bulb, and Hubitat does not support that on the inbound side at the moment.

I do think they're new--I haven't seen anyone mention them until recently, and I have yet to see them in the US (where I live).

I actually got this working quite easy. I haven't tested this for a long time, so it's really up to you to try them out :).

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