Ikea outlet driver flooding logs even with debug and text logging off

My Ikea outlets are flooding the logs even with debug and text turned off, I check my friend's system and it has the same, also noticed that Konnected( @nate ) is flooding the logs too. I think this started in 2.1.5.

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This output is in response to the get route table command being called.
Is this device connected to any automations?

The log in my post are from my friend, and no, it's not on any automation, the hub is waiting for me to do some new stuff

Are all of them doing this?, or just one...
Never seen anything like this.

I have 2 in my hub and both are doing this, I can let you enter to the hub if you like.

This one is from my hub

What other non standard zigbee devices do you have?, some other device is sending route request frames to these. The outlet it self isn't capable of producing this information unless someone is asking for it.

Good question, both meshes are created for Xiaomi compatibility, but this started recently with no changes on both hubs, just HE was updated. Thanks for investigating.

I think I found when this started

I believe that date was when the Ikea driver was introduced

What other routers do you have connected?

I have 2 ikea outlets and one Xiaomi double switch, everything else is Xiaomi battery sensors, but my friend's hub only have ikea outlets.

I have 13 Ikea Tradfri outlets all running the specific Ikea driver on firmware I've just checked my logs and I'm getting nothing like this. I know this isn't a great help to solve this specific issue but I think it proves there isn't a general problem with the driver.

Regarding Konnected logs -- the Konnected app logs every state change received at the debug level. You should be able to filter out debug logs if you don't want to see those. They can be helpful for ... you know ... debugging.

Maybe a firmware variation in the outlet, because my outlets and my friend's outlets were purchased in the same store.

How I filter the logs?, there is no button to turn them off, most of the community apps on HE will turn off all logs, but if an error log occurs it will show up anyway, then you could turn on the rest of logs if troubleshooting is needed. Thanks for your reply.

I'm not sure if this is actually possible yet in Hubitat. Most systems that implement log levels (i.e. debug, info, warning, error) also have a way to set or filter to view the desired log level. We use debug level for the chatty stuff like state changes and info for less frequent informational updates.

I never understood why Hubitat implements log levels without a built-in option to filter by level. :man_shrugging:

Pull requests are welcome!

They are? I should have checked/asked that earlier I guess.

Well hot damn. I'll get on that, as I already added configurable logging on my konnected driver set.

Also, FYI @nate, I keep having channels and wifi cards die on my system (yes, diodes are installed on all inputs and power is fed through surge protector and ups before coming to the boards). Pre-ordered the Pro model to replace my old ones. I hope it proves more reliable/resilient.

Great! We usually give out free swag or products to individuals who contribute to our open-source integrations.

This really shouldn't happen unless there's a voltage problem or short circuit somewhere. Our new hardware includes better protection against this sort of thing.

@JasonJoel Are you able to share what you added to the drivers and apps code of Konnected to make logging configurable? I have looked into code but I have never done any Groovy programming so I am afraid to get in there and break something. Konnected dominates my logs.

Is it as simple as adding this?
{input("logEnable", "bool", title: "Enable logging", required: true, defaultValue: true)}

That plus adding "if (logEnable) " before any place that has log.debug or log.info or log.warn in the drivers.